Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Godiva French Vanilla Iced Coffee Smoothie

I tried a new way of consuming my coffee this morning. I usually have a hot cup of coffee at home and maybe an iced coffee at work. Instead, I used the Godiva French Vanilla coffee I received from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program and made a vanilla coffee smoothie. I added skim milk, the Godiva brewed coffee, a few ice cubes, some soy protein powder, and a bit of vanilla stevia to sweeten it up. It tasted pretty good and was a fun new way to drink my morning coffee!

Godiva French Vanilla Iced Coffee smoothie

Godiva french vanilla coffee; smoothie

I had the last of the Yogi Cherry Almond cereal on the side.

smoothie, cereal

Thanks Foodbuzz and Godiva for allowing me to try the coffee! I still have some chocolate flavored beans to try and write about.

Snack at work was these Pop Chips.

salt and pepper potato pop chips

And a cup of hot coffee with some sugar in the raw.

coffee and sugar in the raw

I sported a bright yellow cardigan and it made me feel cheery today.

me with cheery yellow sweater

This is one of many pieces of clothing that were handed down to me from my sister's friend. Even though she is very petite compared to me, the clothes seem to fit perfectly. Usually I am not one to love used clothing, but because I know this woman took good care of her clothes or in most cases, didn't even wear some of them because they still have the tags on, I don't mind as much. I am not a Goodwill/thrift store or rummage sale shopper at all. As Craig says, I didn't get the rummage sale gene handed down from my parents. :)

Lunch was two quinoa stuffed zucchini boats, a blueberry Chobani, some cherry tomatoes, and a string cheese.

lunch on 8-16-11

My co-worker borrowed me two copies of Nutrition Action magazine and I enjoyed reading through those during lunch. They are jam packed with great information.

Nutrition Action magazines

Dinner was pizza. You know what that looks like. :)

At the gym, I biked for 10 minutes before going to an hour long yoga class. After class, our teacher told us that starting in the fall, there would be a Belly Dancing class after our yoga session. Someone mentioned that the first two sessions may be free, but otherwise there will be an extra fee for it. Ooh, I am tempted to try it out just for fun!

My goal is to read more before bed, so it's time to read a few blogs and then a book!

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