Monday, August 15, 2011

Kodak gallery photo book experience

Through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I was able to start creating a medium hardcover photo book on the Kodak site. This opportunity really excited me because while I love taking pictures and with our digital cameras, I find that I don't take advantage of printing them enough.

I could choose to put any pictures I wanted in the book, so I decided to create one about our honeymoon in Europe. We hadn't created a photo book with some stories about our trip, so this gave us a nice opportunity to finally make one.

Us in Berlin


Me in Amsterdam


On the rooftop of our hotel in Prague

Us in Prague

I looked at a few example photo books and then got creative.

example book kodak site

My husband and I are celebrating our second wedding anniversary on August 22nd, so it seemed appropriate that I would finally make a photo book of our fantastic honeymoon trip!

8-22-09 942

Thanks to the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program with Kodak Gallery for allowing me to do so at last! This photo book will allow us to look back on our trip memories and reminisce. I picture us being 80 years old and going through this book, discussing our honeymoon memories.

I dedicated the first page of the book to our wedding day and transitioned to the honeymoon trip.

wedding page kodak book layout

I am creating the book in chronological order of our trip and started with pictures of us in Bacharach, Germany.

-Check out some of the layout options on the left.

-To get the photos "into" the book layout, you just drag the thumbnail of a photo you uploaded into the "drag photo here" spot on the page.

-After you have used a photograph in your book, the upload section above the layout of the book shows a green check mark, which is a really nice feature.

Here is the start of the Bacharach layout:

Kodak photo book layout

And what it looks like now after I experimented a bit more:

kodak book layout Bacharach

I loved that I could include 9 images on the page on the right and then some larger ones that we love on the left. The text boxes and layout options are so nice! There are many layouts to choose from. Once you are on a page you want to layout, you just click on the page layout and it shows blank photo spots and text options. You don't have to have text at all, but I chose to incorporate it into almost every page in the book.

The picture of the Riesling wine and glass below has a funny memory associated with it. The German woman who owned the restaurant was our waitress during our lunch and she brought out my Riesling, set it down on the table, and talked about how beautiful the light was hitting the wine and table. I had to take a picture! Craig made fun of what she said, but I think she would have been a food blogger if she had been younger because she noticed the beauty of the wine.

Riesling wine Bacharach, Germany

I found it easy to upload the pictures, but it's just so hard to choose which ones communicate all of the things we loved most about certain cities!


Uploading to Kodak site

Here is the layout of Koln, which we went to after a stop in St. Goar and an afternoon at Burg Eltz.

Kodak book layout Koln

At times, I did wish I was able to add more text below the photos. There were options for adding paragraphs on the left side of larger photos. This would be nice to do if I wanted to add more pages to the book and not squeeze in so many images into the 20 pages I was allowed to work with.

There were many nice fonts to choose from, but I stuck with using Nobel Bold throughout the book.

Kodak book

The back cover will show a small photo of us in Frankfurt, the final city on our trip, making sad faces because we (well I) didn't want to leave Europe.

sad to leave Frankfurt

I have about half of the book complete and can go back and keep adding pictures and text to it until it is complete and ready to be sent to me.

If you were inspired to create your own photo book through Kodak, they are offering an exclusive 40% off offer for readers. You can redeem the offer at anytime before 8/31.

Thank you Foodbuzz Tastemaker program and Kodak!

*In exchange for this post, I will receive a free photobook with Kodak gallery through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


  1. Cool book! I've always wanted to make one of those, but always forget to do them!!
    Happy almost anniversary!! The husband and I are going to celebrate 10 years on the 25th.

  2. I love photo books! I made a 60 page book when returned from Egypt, thinking I'd do a book for each trip...and it's still the one and only book I've created :(