Sunday, August 28, 2011

My nephew's 8th b-day party

Last night, we went to my nephew Nathan's 8th birthday party at my brother and sister-in-law's house.



Nathan just got eyeglasses, so we were admiring those and how distinguished he now looks with them on. :)


It was a Scooby Doo themed party! Who knew kids were so into Scooby again? I loved the cartoon when I was little and so did Craig.


Nathan was so proud to show us his special recipe and have us taste his favorite pretzels. I can't properly credit the recipe, but I believe it came from a bag or box. Kind of cute that my nephew calls it his own in a way.



This kid is a food blogger in the making for sure!

I swung with Owen for a bit and then took lots of pictures of my nephews on the swings.



My favorite is this picture of Nathan jumping off of the swing, like I always loved to do when I was a kid. Well, and I did it quite recently as an adult too. :)


We enjoyed lots of yummy food.

This bean based salsa was delicious! I took this picture as a reminder to make something like this at home.


I kept snacking and finally made myself a proper snack plate.


I had a delicious burger for dinner. My brother grilled them outside and then put them in a slow cooker with onions and other stuff to make them nice and moist.


I enjoyed a little Margarita that hit the spot!


Cake was strawberry flavored with a Scooby decoration on top, naturally.



What a fun night with family! My little nephews are always fun to be around, even if they are troublemakers some of the time. :) I just about killed Owen and so did everyone else when he almost dumped our Canon DSLR onto the deck. It would have totally crashed and been broken if it hadn't been for Craig and my parents saving the day!

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