Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New vegetables

My meals have been kind of boring this week, so here are the more interesting aspects of my day.

I walked to the farmers market with a co-worker during lunch today. She was fun to go with because she knew what she wanted to buy, asked the farmers selling the produce if she could pay for one vegetable out of a bunch, and encouraged me to buy vegetables I had never tried before.

I picked up a bunch of cucumbers, pattypan squash, and half of a thai eggplant. The vegetable that was new to me was the pattypan squash (which surprised my co-worker and some other co-workers we ran into at the market).

vegetables from farmers market

The vegetable that was new to both my co-worker and I was the Thai eggplant. She split the eggplant in half and shared it with me to try. We ate a few raw pieces at work and it was good!


We stopped by the Great Harvest Bread stand and I tried some Dakota bread, which was yummy. We bought this delicious cream cheese, blueberry, and raspberry scone to share and split in half.

Doesn't it look like moldy bread?

scone Great Harvest Bread

I scarfed it down when we got back to work! It was very moist and tasty compared to other scones I have had. Don't know if another one will ever compare again! The addition of the cream cheese was fantastic too.

cream cheese, blueberry, raspberry scone Great Harvest

Before we left the market, I saw my mother-in-law eating lunch on a bench and ran up to her to chat. She works near the market and I have run into her there before, but it was nice to see her. Turns out my co-worker and mother-in-law both know the same person and they got to talking about that.

I left work somewhat earlier than normal so I could race home, meditate, and change to get to Zumba by 5 p.m. I hadn't been to Zumba in a while and decided I need something to force me to do cardio for a full hour, so dancing (or attempting to) for a full hour was it. I didn't know the moves for some of the songs, which always makes me feel stupid, but I tried to do the best I could. If I keep going to class every Wednesday, this won't happen anymore!

Anyway, some of the new songs and dances were great! I absolutely love Indian dances and wish there was a whole Indian style dancing class!

I should get off of here and be productive by doing dishes or something.

Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Dakota bread is fabulous! If your Great Harvest makes it, try the cheddar/pesto bread, it's SO good!!!