Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Saturday away from home

It felt good to sleep in a bit this morning, but then that meant that I missed my morning workout, which was crucial because we were gone for the rest of the day. Oh well. Must get back to the gym tomorrow!

I met my friend Angie at Starbucks and poor girl has been going through some major health issues that the docs haven't quite seemed to figure out yet. I really hope she gets some answers soon.

Starbucks coffee

I enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.


source (because I was getting attacked by bees and didn't want to risk uncovering my lid for a picture)

They're expensive, so it's not like I will be buying them every week, but to have one as a treat once in a while will be nice. My goal is to actually use this tutorial from daily nibbles (which is Freshly Pressed right now) and make my own Pumpkin Spice Latte soon.

After quickly eating lunch at home, Craig and I left for my parents house.

Craig spent the whole afternoon setting up the Mac Mini and then we gave my parents a quick overview.

Mac mini

Mac mini

They mostly use their computer for the internet, but at least we taught my mom iPhoto and some other programs.

Mac mini all set up

My parents and I stayed out of Craig's hair while he set everything up and transfered their old stuff over.

Craig and mac

My mom worked on her quilting.

mom cutting fabric

I enjoyed reading this issue of Time magazine.

Time What to Eat Now magazine

It seemed like it was tailored for my interests:


doctor oz will feed you





Mac article Time magazine

and Matt! (Can't wait to see Contagion and if this weekend wasn't so busy, we probably would have seen it by now)

Matt Damon 10 questions

I loved the Dr. Oz nutrition article.

Dr. Oz article

My favorite quote was the final one he left readers with.

quote from Dr. Oz

Reading this inspired me to improve my diet. I think I eat pretty healthy, but I honestly can say I haven't been incorporating enough nuts, avocados, and protein in general into my diet.

It was nice to lay in the hammock and read in the sunshine.


hammock relaxation

me in hammock at mom and dad's

I stared up at the pretty clouds and just relaxed...


...while my dad pumped up the tires in my car.

tire pump

dad pumping up my tires

After the Mac was all set, we had BLTs for dinner. I enjoyed a soda I had never heard of before--Diet Dang! That's Good Root Beer and it's made in Milwaukee!

Diet Dang! Root Beer

Diet Root Beer Milwaukee, WI made

My parents usually use Miracle Whip, which we don't love, so my mom pulled out this Smart Balance mayo once I told her how I disliked the whip.

Smart Balance spread

I liked the flavor much better!


Also had some yummy cantaloupe on the side and a lemon bar and brownie for dessert.

cantaloupe and BLT

I feel so behind on everything since we've been gone all day, so adios y feliz fin de semana a todos!


  1. That issue of Time looks really interesting, I'll have to pick up a copy next time I'm out! It's funny, In my house we always used to use miracle whip, until one day, I realized I didn't like it, either. It's just not the same.

  2. Sounds like quite the day...and I think an overpriced latte is just the way to start a day that is going to involve teaching parents how to use anything electronic! ;)

  3. I loved the Dr. Oz article too.
    "...the challenge now is to make sure that food doesn't take control of us."

    So true!!

  4. you'll find NROLFW will talk about adding protein to your diet, especially after a workout.

    Mayonaise, you might like this one from Hellman's with olive oil instead of regular oil.
    I switched our family to it. I've never been keen on regular mayo, but I like the EVOO version.

  5. I need to start reading NROLFW and get going on the program at the gym. Thanks for letting me know.

    We have the olive oil version of the Kraft mayo and I like it. I just hate the taste of miracle whip!