Friday, September 16, 2011

Fish Fry Friday

Hi everyone! Hope you had a good week. Mine flew by and I am so glad it's the weekend!

I started my lactose free diet yesterday and it has been tough, but I love a challenge like this, especially when it means I may feel better if I watch my lactose intake in the future.

It's only been about 40 hours lactose free, but I have noticed lots of positives. I'll mention one--I am a lot less bloated after eating! Of course, I am eating fairly small meals overall, but my stomach not sticking out and feeling so full is a wonderful thing.

The main negative yesterday was that I almost fainted! I left work feeling fine, but as I got close to my car, I started to feel all fuzzy headed and then the world looked crooked and I almost fell to the sidewalk. I would have hit my head. I caught myself and got all composed. I had to eat a protein bar, which unfortunately, I didn't realize until almost finished with it, had milk in it and was chocolate based. Oh well. I didn't have much of a choice!

It was time to pull out the Libby's Pumpkin can for pumpkin oatmeal this morning. My bananas weren't ripe enough, so I didn't put any in. That made the oatmeal a bit plain. I added some blueberries to get a bit of fruit into my diet instead.

pumpkin oatmeal and coffee

pumpkin oatmeal close up

I left work early today and went to a "business" lunch. It was the first time my workplace paid for me to eat lunch somewhere and attend something business oriented! That is crazy after 3.5 years there. Anyway, it was nice to eat lunch at the place we went to because it's sort of famous in Milwaukee. I won't say where it was because that sort of gives away my work, but I will say that we had a nice classic Milwaukee fish fry.


I was honestly a bit nervous before going because I don't like fish and never eat it. I sucked it up and had a piece and surprisingly, I liked it. Maybe it was all of the tartar sauce I put on the fish! We also had coleslaw, rye bread, french fries, and lemon bars. Maybe I will eat fish more often now.

After the lunch, I came home to work on my work goals for the year, which is always fun. Nah, they're really not that bad in the end. I was just happy to be able to work at home this afternoon instead of in my grey cubicle.

Just have a few things planned for this weekend--going to the Y for three hours of programming with my mom tomorrow, to look at cell phones with her, and then on Sunday I am meeting up with fellow bloggers Karis and Jessica! A pretty quiet weekend and a lot less busy than the last, which is what I prefer! I have a lot of household cleaning to get done and just want to relax in general.

It's movie time in our household so time for me to end this post!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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