Friday, September 9, 2011

In a funk

Phew, glad this week is over and I am now relaxing on a Friday evening. It's just been one of those weeks I guess.

Yesterday, we were allowed to wear Packers gear to work, so I chose to play a little joke.

(I think I kind of have an evil look on my face below. I also look horrible because my face gets really red and irritated when I drive home from work.)

me in a Packer shirt

I wore Craig's Packer shirt (even though he could care less about football too) to work and a whole bunch of people thought I was a big Packer fan too. Only until mid-day did anyone notice that it wasn't "right" that I was wearing a Packer shirt when my co-workers all know football isn't something I care much about. I am from Wisconsin and think it's great that people are so into football, but I hate when it takes over their lives. Besides, I'll be honest about my opinion--we pay the men who play football, baseball, and basketball WAY too much in this country. It's ridiculous. It was a fun little joke and besides, I didn't have to think about what I was going to wear yesterday. :) Am I glad that the Packers won? Well, sure because people are in a better mood at work the next day.

Breakfast today was the Berry flavor of the Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer.

Vega Berry Flavor

I just posted my overall review about these packets and the Vega breakfast challenge.

While taking a little break away from the mind numbing computer at work, I read a book and ate this Eat. Think. Smile Mixed Berry bar. Honestly, it was pretty dry and just a bit tasty.

Eat. Think. Smile Mixed Berry bar

No picture of lunch. Just had a black bean burger & a pink lady apple.

Came home to an Amazon order at my door! Yay! I finally ordered these two books and bought a reusable bag for snacks. I am aiming to use less plastic baggies during the week. Just wipe this bag clean or wash it out and dry it.

I can't wait to try NROLFW and I hope it inspires me to do something new at the gym.

exercise books, snack bag

My plan is to use my new scanner and scan these moves, send them to my iPod touch, and be able to visually see what to do while I am at the gym. I know other bloggers have written down things on index cards or paper in general, so maybe I will have to go that route if my little plan doesn't work so well. Anyone have tips on the best way to follow the NROLFW plans?

My body shuts down on a Friday night, so instead of the gym, Craig and I took a nice long walk around the hood. We managed to see the coolest hawk eating his prey and watched him for a while. He was beautiful.

Tomorrow, I am off to meet my friend Angie at Starbucks and find out what's been going on with her health woes. Hello Pumpkin Spiced Latte for me and tea for her.

Source: None via Lisa on Pinterest

Then, Craig and I are going to the country to my parents' house to set up their new Mac mini computer!

Source: via Jo on Pinterest

I think all senior citizens should own Macs so they don't get awful viruses on their computers. My parents got about 5 viruses showing up last weekend and as I told them, getting hacked and losing their life savings (because they do all of their banking online) is a hell of a lot worse than buying a $600 computer that will be so much faster and easier to use than their old Windows based computer. Let's just cross our fingers that they find the Mac as intuitive as we do.

It's time to forget this funky mood and drink a Pumpkin beer. Night!


  1. Isn't pumpkin beer the best? What's your favorite brewery?

  2. I just bought the women's health big book of exercises a week or so ago and I have to say I really like it! Have you had a chance to use it yet? I've done a couple of the 15 min exercise routines that are in the back and felt sore for days after. I also looked at the NROLFW but liked the layout and feel of the other book but I've heard great things about that program. I'd love to know what you think so far...