Sunday, October 23, 2011


According to the dictionary, disarray means the following.

Noun: A state of disorganization or untidiness.
Verb: Throw (someone or something) into a state of disorganization or untidiness.

This seems to have been the theme for the weekend. It's only a temporary state for me and the disorganization will work itself out eventually.

How ironic that the eyeglasses I ordered from Target optical today are Converse brand and model name Disarray!

That picture isn't the best, but I'll post one of me in the glasses once I get them in about a week. They're purple and rimless. I wanted something different, so I opted for the rimless. I chose purple because Craig kept saying that purple glasses looked good with my blue/green eyes. I liked that the color was something unique and not the usual brown I would have picked out. I only wear glasses at night and in the morning, so it kills me to have to pay the $100 for the glasses after insurance, but I may end up wearing them more often now since they'll definitely be more comfortable than my old glasses.

Other things that caused disarray this weekend:

1) I woke up in a bad mood yesterday after having nightmares about my family. Not nightmares where anyone was getting hurt, but more like the people in the dreams were really annoying me in general. Not fun to wake up in a bad mood and have it continue for a lot of the day.

2) Craig and I went to the AT&T store yesterday to ask about the iPhone4S and that was fine. Today was another story. I called a bunch of stores trying to get an answer to a question and it was just getting more and more confusing the more people I talked to! Finally, we just went into the store and worked it out there. I started to order the iPhone, got so far as the credit check and then something didn't pass, so now I have to call another company tomorrow and see what is not checking out with my credit. I have never had a problem like this in the past and even bought a new car within the last 5 years. I hope it all works out in the end so I can order the iPhone and just wait for it.

3) Having to order the iPhone4S means I will be without a cell phone for three or more weeks and so will my mom. Our Sprint plan officially ends on Friday and I am not about to try to fanagle staying with them for another month or so. I'll just deal without a cell phone and hope I don't get myself into any emergencies where I need it.

4) I looked at four places for new eyeglasses yesterday and none of them were jiving. I tried my last place, Target optical, by myself because Craig was exhausted. Sure enough, I found three pairs I liked and he wasn't with me to get an opinion and move forward with the purchase.

5) I came home from Target yesterday and found our kitchen all pulled apart. Craig did what I have been putting off for years. I organized two cabinets when I was off at the end of August, but didn't manage to do the rest because I really did want him around to check out what to get rid of. We worked together to determine what stayed and what went in the basement. Craig went very minimalistic with the pots and pans and the result of that cabinet is this:

organized cabinets 2

I squeezed some food on the right side since it was empty. I hate the location of our pantry, so this makes some food more accessible.

The other cabinet that was reorganized looks like this now:

organized cabinets 1

I only wish he had taken some before pics!

6) Today, I woke up in a much better mood and was ready to tackle getting things done. I washed dishes, washed our comforters and picked up in general.

I felt better once I got my eyeglasses picked out officially and ordered.

I saw that the Target ad today featured the curtains I had recently eyed up on sale for $5 off. I showed Craig them and we went for some gray henna ones that will match with most wall colors. I'd like to paint our bedroom a cool blue, so they should look nice with that.

new Target henna curtains

When I went to put them on the rod, I discovered I had to pull apart the sliding string mechanism to get the new ones on. ARGH. I hate these kind of projects. In the end, it's worth it to trade up from the curtains the previous owners left that Craig had kept up.

old curtains bedroom

I hate the half curtains like this for bedrooms. Sorry if you have them, but they just don't look warm and pretty in a bedroom.

And because this is a healthy living blog (not that home and life improvements don't count for healthy living), here is the one different food item I tried this weekend:

Artisana Walnut Butter on a pink lady apple

Walnut Butter Artisana apples

I thought it was pretty good, but I still prefer almond butter.


Nutrition Facts Artisana Walnut Butter

Check out the nice selection of goodies the company sent me! I'll be posting about the other items I try soon.

Artisana butters and packets

I also feel like my blogging and gym time has been in disarray this week. I'll be trying to both more often next week. My arm hurt for three days from the flu shot, so there went any type of arm exercises and yoga. Boo. Now it's back to being better and I am so happy to be able to go lift and row tonight. So, time to sign off and get my butt to the gym.

Here's hoping for a better week that doesn't resemble the chaotic weekend I had.

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  1. Doesn't Artisana HOOK. YOU. UP!! Their nut butters are so delicious! I tried the coconut butter and am officially addicted! :) Have fun with those! I can;t wait to see what you come up with! :)