Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mamma Chia drinks and Cheese Spaetzle

How's your week going? Mine has gotten progressively started out really bad on Monday. So much so that I posted my favorite Steve Jobs quote as my computer background at work.

Steve Jobs quote about work on my work computer

Yesterday was ok despite having a tummy ache (I think the frozen yogurt did me in on Sunday), and today, I actually had a wonderful day. I even had my work review, which covered not only the last year of my job, but the last two, and it went very well. :) Hooray for a raise!

This week, I've tried out a few new to me food products...Amy's Organic Light in Sodium bean and cheese burrito, Mamma Chia drinks and Gardein Ultimate Beefless burgers.

Amy's Light in Sodium Burrito, Mamma Chia

I LOVED the Mamma Chia drink. I received some coupons from the company and they allowed me to get the drinks for free. The Milwaukee Whole Foods was charging was $2.69 per drink. I think the texture of the drink could freak some people out, but I loved it. I guess I am used to adding chia seeds to my smoothies, so I probably wasn't too surprised by the texture because of that.

For lunch on Monday, I tried the Raspberry Passion flavor.

Mamma Chia Raspberry Passion

Here are the nutrition facts:

Mamma Chia nutriton facts

Mamma Chia info

I'll probably do a full review of the drinks sometime in the near future.

I also tried one of the frozen bean and cheese burritos from Amy's Organics. I love their products, but this one disappointed me. I don't think it was the company's fault, but it was just really plain and boring. I should have known it was something I could have easily put together the night before and could have added some more ingredients to make is tastier.

Last night, I finally made cheese spaetzle, as I wasn't feeling so great on Sunday and never got around to it.

cooking spaetzle

I always use the cheese spaetzle recipe found on the Egg Noodles spaetzle bag from Aldi.

Cheese Spaetzle

Deutsche Kuche Spaetzle noodles Aldi


Have you tried spaetzle before? I kind of love it and it's my comfort food. After having it in Berlin on our honeymoon, the taste reminds me of the cute restaurant we ate at by candlelight.

Cheese Spaetzle

And tonight, I tried the Gardein meatless burger. I have tried other Gardein products before and they're always really good.

Gardein the ultimate beefless burger

Gardein burger comparison

Gardein meatless burger nutritional stats

I put it in a tortilla shell with spinach, swiss cheese, and a little bit of Frank's Red Hot sauce. It was a delicious combination! If you are looking for a veggie burger that has a true meat flavor, then try the Gardein. I thought the flavor was really good overall and so did Craig.

My workouts have been ok this week--Monday, I biked at the gym and lifted weights; yesterday I counted cutting the grass as my workout because I was so tired after work and tonight I walked and ran on the treadmill and lifted weights. I definitely need to do yoga tomorrow night!

Time to go read on the kindle. I started a new book called The Hangman's Daughter.


It's set in 17th century Germany and I am finding the story really interesting so far.



  1. I love Mamma Chia! The raspberry flavor is delicious and so is the blackberry hibiscus! You're right - the texture might turn some people away, but I really love it and find it refreshing :)

  2. I've seen drinks with chia seeds in them... I've always wanted to try them but I think the texture might freak me out a little. It's just so weird how they float throughout the liquid and aren't all on the bottom or top, lol. I'll have to buy some next time I see it and try it out!

  3. I don't know how I'd be on the texture for Mama Chia, but I like that the drink has fiber! and protein! And seems pretty decent on calories too, considering the fiber and protein.

    Congrats on the great review! And I am glad that your week perked up. I am *still* on the fence. I need to make a decision. What is my passion? I know I haven't seen it yet. And I'm 40! I need to figure this out.

  4. Ooh, I'll have to try the Blackberry Hibiscus next. I love the Cranberry Lemonade too.

  5. I liked that it had fiber and protein too! I am actually on lunch as I write this and drinking a Cranberry Lemonade one that is even better than the Raspberry Passion one I had on Monday.

    Thank you for your e-mail. It really helped me see my situation differently. That is why I turn to you during times when I am struggling.

    I can see your passion includes the things you were writing about the other day...but how to find something that includes that and find a perfect match, I guess it's a struggle all historians may deal with at one point in their career.