Saturday, November 5, 2011

Google Voice

Just a typical Saturday around here...

I read The Paris Wife in silence this morning and got very into the story. It's getting good. Ernest was sure the player! And Paris during that time sounds crazy with affairs, absinthe and drinking.

morning routine--coffee, kindle, bagel

Oh and my iPhone 4S finally has a tracking number and should arrive this week! Best news ever! :) Now I need to make a decision on a case and order one. It hasn't been that bad without a phone--I just hate driving around without one in case I need to call someone in an emergency situation.

Yesterday, I learned how to use Google voice and called Craig and my parents with it using my laptop. If you don't have a Google voice number, get one, it's totally free! You can text people for free using it and receive texts for free (just be sure people have that number instead of your main one). Calling is also completely free, except for international numbers.


Lunch was another turkey and cheese panini and some brussels sprouts with nutritional yeast, Forward Penzey's spice, sea salt and pepper. The Forward spice was hot! I needed to cool off with some gum after!

Eaten with a side of blogs via my iPod touch and the Feeddler app.

iPod touch and brussels sprouts

Sorry (I'm not sorry) for all of the cat pictures as of late, but these guys are too cute. Especially Karma and the way he cuddles with Craig in bed.

Craig and Karma relaxing

He always plops himself in this spot, but this time he wrapped his legs around Craig's hand.


I need to get to the grocery store for double coupon day before heading over to my friend Danielle's house to see her new baby and have dinner together! I just spoke to her and her 2 year old daughter is running around the house today saying, "Lisa is coming over!" Danielle is a bit confused because I don't see her daughter that often, but last time I saw her, she was saying "bye bye Lisa" after I got out of Danielle's car. So cute!

Have a lovely Saturday!

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