Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey! Hope you had a good Saturday and didn't spend it shopping in the madness that is Christmas shopping. If you want to put me in a bad mood, just put me in a store at this time of year. I wasn't so patient today at Target. I'd much rather shop on cyber Monday and get cash back with ebates and free samples with purchases.

Just call me Oscar! (I kind of want this shirt).


Breakfast this morning was greek yogurt with cranberry orange relish and some pomegranate arils. Great way to use some Thanksgiving leftovers if I must say so myself!

Oh and since it's only out for about the next month, I grabbed some Eggnog Latte Coffee Mate creamer. I felt like indulging in a less healthy coffee creamer and it was delicious with my coffee. Who needs Starbucks eggnog lattes when you can use a creamer at home?


Karma is cute so I can never resist including him on the blog.


I'm not very adventurous with my hair. I need to watch more videos from The Small Things Blog and learn how to do my hair properly. Adventurous for me today was putting it half up and it looking ok. I still haven't mastered my side bangs because of my darn cowlick.


Did you see the santa stocking in the background of the picture above? It was made by my mom and I gave it to Craig our first Christmas together.


Here's my stocking. :)


I've been craving avocado like mad lately and finally picked up two at the store last night. It tasted delicious in my tofu, black bean, Frank's Red Hot, and cheese burrito at lunch.


It hasn't been the most productive Saturday, but there's still the evening. I should have some gluehwein and put the tree up tonight. That'll get me in the spirit of the season and maybe I won't be buying that Oscar shirt from Target after all.

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