Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I <3 my iPhone 4S

It's almost 9 p.m. and my body is still feeling stressed. It's been one of the those days...

I started the day by using one of the dry shampoos I mentioned in my post yesterday--Suave. (It's been a hair themed week and there's a post coming tomorrow morning about styling products so look for that if you're interested).

Suave dry shampoo (and Karma)

It was only $2.75 at Target this past week and I figured it was worth a shot (especially for the time it saves me). It smelled tropical and did the trick.

Reader and fellow blogger Farrah commented today that she wouldn't recommend trying the Suave dry shampoo, but it was too late. Actually the points she made about why she didn't love it were good ones I should have made about dry shampoo in general--it made her hair feel heavier and turned it white (something I should have pointed out for all of you dark haired ladies). Because my hair is light in tone, I've never really seen any white powder from the dry shampoos I've tried. I also brush the product out after letting it sit for about two minutes. Dry shampoo also makes my hair feel heavy, but I wear it up in a ponytail most dry shampoo days so that doesn't even annoy me.

At the end of my long day, I came home to the best package on my doorstep: the iPhone 4S I ordered a couple of weeks ago!

iPhone 4S box

iPhone 4S box front


iPhone 4S menu

Since my phone arrived today, that meant my mom could get her new cell phone too. She came over and we took care of that at the AT&T store. No smart phone for her--just a regular phone with internet and texting blocked so she can't get into trouble. :)

I was able to play with the iPhone a bit tonight and I absolutely love it so far. There's so much to explore and learn on it, but it's pretty similar to my iPod touch, so there isn't a huge learning curve.

Wish I had another one of these to drink tonight--a Fallen Apple fresh-pressed cider blended with cream ale. I tried it over the weekend and it was pretty good! (Thanks Kimmy)!

Fallen Apple Cream Ale Brew with Apple Cider

Maybe I need to have a glass of red wine before bed instead and try to forget the stressful day I had.


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  1. I hope your night was better than your day...

    Its true, the dry shampoo is better if you plan on having your hair up. I'm glad if worked for you.

    Have fun with your iphone!