Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sleepy Saturday

Since I didn't get home until midnight last night, my sleep cycle was off today. I woke up early thanks to the lovely cats knocking on the baby gates for their food and then I went back to bed around 10:30 for another hour. It felt good. I hadn't done that in so long.

Once I woke up, I was in the mood for a salty snack, so I dug into the lollihop package and tried pacific sea salt somersaults. I loved the taste and so did Craig. I haven't seen these in any stores, but I will most likely buy them if I do see them in the future.


Surprised to see so much protein in this little package too!



Craig and I went out to one of my favorite places to visit on a lazy Saturday--the library.


I love libraries and always have. I like to read different magazines than I subscribe to at home (even though I have a huge pile of my own to get through). I even looked through Cat Fancy to see what tips they gave on controlling cats' weight. I found an article about how Mark Twain loved cats and I liked this quote and photo of him with an adorable kitten.


I also took a photo of a dry shampoo/refresher that I may try in the future. For all of you dark haired ladies--note how it says it doesn't leave a white residue in the hair. Oh and the history about Schwarzkopf inventing dry/powder shampoo in 1903 in Berlin above that is pretty cool too.


We also went out to take advantage of the BOGO holiday drinks at Starbucks. We waited in a huge line for them and tried a Caramel Brulee Latte and a Peppermint Mocha. I actually thought I was going to like the Caramel one best, but it was too sweet for me. The Peppermint Mocha was quite tasty though.




I couldn't resist taking a picture of this bumper sticker in the mall parking lot. The word colon caught my eye as I drove past the car. Literally beef does rot in my colon and make me sick.


The mall was absolutely nuts already. I am definitely going to do as much holiday shopping online as possible!

We're watching this tonight. Craig's favorite musical group is the Chemical Brothers and they composed the soundtrack for the movie.


Off to get some Cousin's subs for dinner and a little trip to Target before settling in for the night!


  1. Have you ever tried automatic feeders? We bought two about a month ago, and absolutely love them! It took the boys awhile to get used to, but now I can't imagine not having them. They get an 1/8th of a cup of food every 6 hours, and now they no longer stand by their bowls with those big eyes begging for food.

  2. No, we haven't and I have always wanted to. What brand do you have? I feel so bad for them when we can't feed them at their normal time, so a feeder would be perfect.

  3. Visiting a library on a Saturday would be heaven for me!! I LOVE the peppermint mochas from Starbucks, it's my favorite drink. Ugh on the beef/colon bumper sticker. So true and so disgusting.