Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Speck CandyShell iPhone 4S case review

I've used my Speck CandyShell iPhone 4S case for a couple of weeks now so I thought it was time for a review!

More info from the Speck website:

When you want the look and feel of a hard case and the protection of a soft case... choose the sweet third option: CandyShell! It combines both hard shell and soft rubbery protection in a one-piece flexible iPhone 4S case.

The sleek, hard outer shell protects against impacts, plus slips easily in and out of your pockets. The rubbery lining absorbs shock and also extends to a bezel, which protects your screen if it falls screen-first, and gives it no-slip stability when you place it face down. The two-layered protection also makes for some sweet two-toned color options. One of Speck’s favorite cases for iPhone 4S!

speck candyshell case

I did A LOT of research before purchasing this case. I probably looked at about 10 different brands online before settling on Speck. The reason I purchased this type--see the pros below:


1) It offered a lot of protection and shock absorption for a clutz like me. I haven't dropped my phone yet, but when I do, I know I'll be glad I have a protective case for this $200 phone.

2) The design was attractive and I liked the color I picked out.

speck iPhone 4S Pirate's Cove Teal candyshell case

3) The price was reasonable. In the end, I paid $28 because I found a coupon online by googling "speck + coupon."

4) So many cases felt slippery on the back (you can feel through the case at the store) and reviews stated this was a problem with other brands. The Speck case does have a grippy feeling, but the back is smooth.

5) The buttons all work well still and are protected. The camera cutout is perfect.


speck iPhone 4S candyshell case

6) It was easy to put the case on and there are instructions for removing it.

7) The case design does not interfere with plugging in the charger.


8) There is a one year warranty on the case.


1) For some people, this case may be somewhat bulky. It's worth it for the protection though.

2) The back of the case scratches, but it is really not that noticeable or that much of a problem. Just a con to point out as some may be disappointed by this.

3) Some cases (Incipio brand) do come with the screen protector/film. Mine did not and I still have to purchase one (if you have a brand that works for you, please let me know)!

Side view

Speck candyshell case side view

Interior view


Bottom view


Front view


I paid for this case with my own money and was in no way compensated by the Speck company for this review. I just felt like sharing it for those people who are researching iPhone 4S cases.

If you have any questions about the Speck case, please let me know!


  1. Try out Best Skins Ever for a screen protector. I love mine. It's so much better than the other brands out there. It withstands all my make up, dirt, and grime. It's super simple to apply without worrying about air bubbles.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation Kim! They are reasonably priced too, I see! Some of the brands are so expensive and aren't rated good at all!