Thursday, December 29, 2011

Appetizers and wine

Last night, my friends and I got together for some appetizers and wine to share holiday and other stories.

Laurie was our lovely hostess and she made cake pops in her Babycakes maker! They turned out really well. I noticed they weren't as moist as the handmade ones I tried from Karis, but they were still the perfect little dessert to satisfy my chocolate craving (well I ate three, not just one).


Laurie cutting up the bread I brought and Kim looking contemplative.


The taco dip was delicious!


Kim made Lemon Tahini Brussels Sprouts dip from The Diva Dish and it was fantastic!



We ended the night by watching Shit Girls Say episodes 1 and 2! My friend Laurie told me you can follow Shit Girls Say on twitter, so I did that tonight and it's hilarious to read the tweets.

It was nice to hang out with the girls and catch up with good food and wine.


  1. sounds like such a fun night! i love taco dip - one of my aunts always brings it to family gatherings and i make sure to get my fair share!

  2. looks like fun! girls nights are the best. That taco dip looks awesome!