Saturday, December 24, 2011

Deep dish pizza and a movie

Merry Christmas Eve!

Picking up where I left off yesterday...the grocery store was crazy, of course, but not as bad as the malls I'm sure. The worst part was the baking aisle, naturally.

After I got home from the store, we went out to Uno's Chicago Grill for a chicago style deep dish sausage pizza. Yum!




On our way back home, we stopped by my sister-in-law's house to see her Christmas decorations. She worked at Hallmark for years, so she has two trees full of awesome ornaments. My favorite was this one, which is appropriate for her since she's a single gal.


I had to laugh when I noticed that she spelled peace wrong with her candles. She didn't even realize it until I pointed it out.


We ended our evening by meditating together and watching Water for Elephants, which we both loved. I actually thought it was pretty close to the book and well done. I had to turn away during the one violent part. I was glad I was warned about it ahead of time, so now I am warning you too.


I need to get going and clean the house, bake a pie and cookies, get to the gym, etc. I feel like I should have done more yesterday instead of "playing" so much.

I already made a second batch of white chocolate peppermint bark this morning. My layered one turned out great, but the candy canes didn't stick on top as well as I wish they would have. For this second batch, I incorporated them into the chocolate before I poured it.

We're off to celebrate Christmas eve with my mother-in-law's side of the family tonight! Excited for Christmas, even if it's not a white one around here.