Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas!

Hope you all are enjoying spending time with your family and friends! Merry Christmas and thank you for reading!

Here are some scenes from my Christmas eve, with my mother-in-law's side of the family.

A naughty Santa game was played. Craig's Aunt is a 4k teacher and regifted all sorts of things to us this year. Check out all of the gifts!


Chris explaining how it works to about 30 people.


Craig's cousin and sister concentrating on the rules.


Craig got the candle on the left and I ended up with the snowglobe. Both were pretty cute, so we're glad no one was naughty and stole ours.



We went to church last night for Christmas eve mass and then when we woke up this morning, Craig and I exchanged gifts.

Like last year, we spent less on each other and donated some money to a charity that needed it: Muscular Dystrophy of Southeastern Wisconsin.

So, these were my two gifts, which I was quite happy with. Love Adele and this live CD is awesome so far. Can't wait to watch the DVD too.


Then it was time to keep cleaning our house before my in-laws came over for lunch!

Since our kitchen isn't too big, we decided to make paninis, which were very well received by our guests who had never had them before.



Appetizers--wasa crackers (flatbread and multigrain), Merkts spreadable cheese, TJ's peanut butter filled pretzels and desserts.


Then it was time to open presents!



I love the Katzenmanifest poster my father-in-law put into an 8x10 frame. We saw it in Berlin, Germany on our honeymoon and he remembered the picture I took of it in a store. The ornaments I got from my in-laws are also German. Most of the ornaments on our tree are from Europe because I spontaneously decided to collect them while we were on our honeymoon.


Karma got a wet food cover for Christmas and I decided to make him look oh so French with a mock beret. Joyeux Noel!


My sister-in-law got a nice chair for her new house.


When we were all done, we attempted to get a family photo using my tripod. After many photos, this one is probably the best.


Enjoy the rest of your Christmas, from our house to yours. :)



  1. your kitties are humungo!!! :) haha- love it!! I need one of those office chairs!!

    Merry Christmas!! :)

  2. Look at all those gift bags! Merry Christmas, Lisa :D