Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Potluck

My week has been ok. Truthfully, I've felt tired and achy ever since the two bad days I had at work. I just need a few weekend days to sleep in a bit and I think that will help.

At work today, we had our holiday pot luck. I cheated and brought these chewy egg nog cookies from Trader Joe's. While I love to bake, I didn't want to make something in the middle of the week and chance messing it up either (as has happened to me in the past for this particular party).


I love trying all of the different dishes people bring and we always have a very good selection. My favorite thing was buffalo chicken dip and I wish I had gone back for more. Oh and there was this feta spread that I put on a cracker and that was also to die for. I told my co-workers that I wish there were recipes for dishes posted somewhere or included next to the dish. I really want recipes for those two items, but I can always try some off the internet until I find one I like.

We always have a chance to win prizes and I won a perfect prize for a food blogger! I got a gingerbread themed basket that contained an ornament, candles, a cup, gingerbread cookies, a silicone mold, gingerbread cake mix and a rolling pin.


I am most excited to try out the silicone gingerbread man molds. I have never used a silicone one before. Have you? They were definitely a conversation piece at my table with some of my co-workers.


Because I didn't really feel like I had a chance to relax last weekend, I decided to take a half day tomorrow. We also have a busy weekend coming up. I am working from home Friday morning, which will be a nice change of pace. That way I don't have to ride the bus for 2 hours while only working 4-5 hours total.


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