Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lisa the Grouch

The last two days haven't been good at the place I go to for 40 hours a week.

I've felt like this guy lately, except for towards my husband, who I am never mad at.


I am disappointed in myself for choosing the field I have and for spending $50,000 to get a Master's Degree that doesn't really seem to do me any good.

I did take a positive step towards looking into a possible new path in my career. We'll see, as I am only starting to look into options right now. All I know is that if I do seek a new career path, I am doing as much research as possible before going into it.

The silly sad face below was taken after my good day turned negative yesterday. It also represents the fact that I was sad when I heard some news from a friend in the morning.


Lunch was scarfed down as fast as possible because I was so busy at work. I had an Amy's Light & Lean Soft Taco Fiesta and it was delicious.





After work, I drove to Trader Joe's and stocked up. The highlight of my Friday was hearing the news that a TJ's is going to open up much closer to me sometime next year! :)

I made this for dinner last night. It probably wasn't worth what I paid for it, but it sure tasted yummy.



Apparently, I was in a French mood last night, as my dinner and dessert were French items. Maybe because it was comfort food?

These were just ok. Not what I expected them to taste like.



This, however, was just as I expected it to taste!


I added it to my bowl of oatmeal this morning.


I bought two boxes of instant oatmeal because I sometimes need something quicker than stovetop oats in the morning.


Craig and I hit the gym this morning. Despite the fact that my legs and feet really hurt from walking at work, I biked and lifted weights.

The rest of the day, I just want to put my feet up and read a book, so that's what I am going to do now. Well, after I am done watching Rick Steves covering different European Christmas traditions. I am dreaming of going to Nuremberg for their Christkindlmarkt someday.


  1. :( sorry you're feeling less than enthused about work. i definitely know the feeling - i'm almost done with my phd and while i love my field (nutrition is definitely what i'm interested in!) a phd was probably NOT the best way to pursue what i actually want to DO with nutrition. blah. we'll see!

  2. I'm very excited about Trader Joe's opening closer to us! Although, Chris sent applications this weekend for positions in Denver, CO and Arlington, VA so we may not get to benefit from it after all :(

  3. Laura @ Backstage BalanceDecember 11, 2011 at 4:11 PM

    Sorry to hear about your work strife! Hopefully the cookie butter made things better.
    I'm also from the area and am excited about the Western 'burbs Trader Joe's as well! Can't wait for that.

  4. Sorry about your work issues. My husband is very discouraged with his situation as well.

  5. Well, let's keep each other motivated for something better. I will be in Madison tomorrow, so I am going to get my TJ's on, since that is the closest one to me. My kids are requesting Pomegranate Limeade. I am going to add some of your suggestions (the cookie butter sounds fascinating, I wonder how it would be in Greek yogurt). Here's to a good holiday and a brighter new year!

  6. This is how I was last week. Hope your mood turns around:) Love that cookie butter!