Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mmm nutella hot chocolate

I'm having a good week! It's just flying by so quickly since I was off on Monday and have to work Saturday.

I haven't blogged much because I've been hitting the gym instead. I've gotten in some good workouts this week and I have felt so energetic.

Today's lunch was an Amy's Light & Lean Spinach Lasagna. I contacted the company about trying some of the new Light & Lean line and they sent me some coupons!

I was warming up this lasagna in the office and kept smelling faint scents of garlic and tomato sauce. One of my co-workers said that the smell of my lunch made her hungry for hers.


The taste of the meal was wonderful too. Didn't taste light, tasted just right. Except for Amy's products, I don't buy frozen meals anymore. I love her veggie pot pies too.


Here's the nutrition facts.


Craig and I ran some errands tonight after work. Had a delicious Jimmy John's sub for dinner, picked up some presents and then went to Target.

I got some nutella there to make Nutella Hot Chocolate tonight. Of course, I saw it on Pinterest and knew I would have to make it this winter. I LOVE nutella and have to abstain from buying it because I find myself eating it out of the jar when I have a chocolate craving. This hot cocoa was rich and lovely.

His and hers.


Target has an amazing deal on Starbucks coffee right now. Use your manufacturer coupons to get $4 off your total, get a $5 Target gift card for buying three bags, fill out a form online or via mail to get a $5 Starbucks gift card and then, bring your empty bags into Starbucks to get three free cups of coffee. Score!

It's getting late! Gotta get ready for bed and for my day tomorrow. Hope you're having a good week!

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  1. Amy's lasagna is delicious. The light one tastes just the same!

    I have been drinking a lot of hot chocolate lately! I guess everyone is too! I've never had Nutella hot chocolate though.