Saturday, January 7, 2012


Highlights of my Saturday included...

Getting a lovely package from Sarah.


I won her one year blogiversary giveaway and the main prize was this adorable camera strap for my DSLR!

Oh and another good part of my day was getting my hair brightened up with some highlights, which are somewhat visible in the photo below.


Sarah included all sorts of other treats that made it feel like she knew me, even though we've never met in person. Chia seeds (white ones, which I have never tried and am super excited about), a larabar, a Clif kids bar, a Trader Joe's dark chocolate bar, mighty leaf teas (totally new to me) and a Luna bar in a flavor I love, lemon zest. Thanks so much Sarah!


Hand written notes are always so nice to receive. I've been trying to send more out to people as I know how nice it is to receive them vs. e-mails these days.


Another wonderful mail piece that showed up today was the latest free spice from Penzey's.


I asked my husband out on date to his favorite fast food restaurant, Qdoba, and he accepted. I went light with a naked burrito bowl and chicken tortilla soup. The chicken was not so great this time, so that was sort of a bummer.


We walked around the mall a bit after and buying something so simple made me happy. Does this show my age of 31? I have been wanting this Oxo Good Grips sink strainer for a while because I hate our kitchen sink strainer and cleaning it. This one pops out and seems like it will be so easy to clean.


I am ending my evening by having a comforting cup of Trader Joe's peppermint hot cocoa while watching part of The Debt.


Time to watch the movie before it gets too late!

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  1. yay - glad you like the other treats! lemon zest is my FAVORITE luna bar flavor - i hoard them. i'm glad you like it too. and i actually just got a bunch of packs of those white chia seeds & i haven't tried them yet either. i thought they were different & interested and hoped you'd like them too.

    the rest of your day sounds fabulous - especially qdoba. i love that place & it's been way too long since i've gone there!