Friday, January 13, 2012

The snow finally came

I'm working this evening, for the second night in a row (boo), and on my quick dinner break. Here's what's been happening in my life this week.

Read this article from NY times and found it pretty interesting.


My department had our holiday work party yesterday and it was really nice. We had a Jamaican theme for the food and that was fun.

We exchanged secret santa presents and this is what I got, which I loved, of course.


Southeastern Wisconsin finally got some snow that stuck and I have been wearing my Uggs everywhere. Yes they are ugly, but they kept my feet damn warm today when I shoveled in the cold temps. That's all that matters to me!


I find the snow pretty and bright, but don't really love it. Driving home in it was awful last night.


This kept me fueled while I worked out this morning. Since I am on my feet a lot at work tonight, I kept my workout light with a walk on the treadmill to warm up, some time on the Cybex Arc trainer and some free weights.


I picked up this very bright C9 sports bra at Target this week and found it to be pretty supportive. I think it's better for light cardio or yoga, but for $5, I was not going to pass it up. I know some people swear by these sports bras.


This has been my crazy week, so I will be happy when it's over. Besides working two nights in a row, I have two things to go to tomrorow as well. Sunday's schedule is clear, which makes me so happy.

Time to get back to work! Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. Looks like you got some awesome secret santa gifts!

    And this reminds me I really need to buy new sports bras...mine are in a sad state.