Saturday, February 25, 2012

Life is Precious

I had something very scary happen to me yesterday as I left work.

I walked to my bus stop as I normally do. The walk signal came on and I crossed the street. As I was halfway through the crosswalk, I saw this white car come out of nowhere and the driver was turning left right into me. Her car actually did touch my leg. The next moment was one of the weirdest I have experienced in my life. I told myself that if I didn't get out of the way really quickly, I'd end up under her car or thrown into the street. I literally hopped to my right and looked back at the driver and gave her a look to communicate "what the hell are you doing, watch the road" and she mouthed "sorry" as if it was nothing, but I could see the shock in her face. She almost hit someone because she came down the hill too quickly, saw the green light and probably was only focusing on that, not on the pedestrian crossing in street.

I got to the corner safely, unharmed obviously, and a woman about to get on her bus asked if I was ok. As that bus pulled away, I started crying from the shock of almost having been hit. I was mad at first, but then realized that I could have been that driver and we all have close calls like that in life. I was shaky and really emotional about the fact that it could have been worse. Life is precious and in a split second, an action that you can't control can change it.

As I sat on the bus and tried to relax, I couldn't help but think of Emily from The Daily Garnish. She got hit by a car a year and a half ago and retells her story here. She will deal with the effects of that driver's actions for the rest of her life.

Next time you are driving and there are pedestrians crossing, please be careful. This is why I prefer not to talk on the phone while driving anymore. I just feel too distracted.

I appreciated the fact that I could get up this morning, make my coffee, read a book and make these yummy pancakes. I could have been lying in a hospital bed instead and I am so thankful for being safe and unharmed.



Love this fluffy pancakes recipe. It was the first time I used vinegar and milk in homemade pancakes and that was definitely the trick to making them fluffy and delicious! I also liked that there wasn't a lot of sugar in this recipe.


I've got to get to the gym today and watch lots of Downton Abbey! Have a lovely Saturday.


  1. that's so scary! i'm glad you're ok, but you're right - that driver could have been any of us. it's so easy to get complacent and stop concentrating when you're driving a normal route or something.

  2. That is such a scary feeling! I'm glad you're okay! I just came across your blog today, so I wanted to say hi. I live in the Milwaukee area too :)

  3. Oh Lisa that is so scary, so glad your okay, that was a really close call.

  4. I'm so glad that you're okay! What a scary experience.