Thursday, February 2, 2012

Meal planning success

This week was the first in a long time that I officially planned my meals, bought ingredients for those and followed when I would eat them. It feels great to make dinner and have leftovers for my work lunch the next day!

I kind of even meal planned my breakfast by switching between this addictive Cheerios Peanut Butter cereal every other day and the Better Oats oatmeal.


Came home to find this French cheese on my back step! I won it from a blog and I can't wait to dig into it.


After meditating, I started making dinner. Tonight was cheese ravioli with parmesean cheese, toasted walnuts, garlic and asparagus.


It was another Woman's Day recipe! I felt like it could have had more flavor. Maybe I would have added mushrooms and spinach to get more veggies in and change the taste ever so slightly.


Dessert was Brown Cow maple yogurt. Love having that as a sweet treat after dinner.


Before we left for the gym, Craig had the kitties doing their own exercise! Tanzi was chasing him back and forth down the hallway and Karma was watching it all happen and sort of running towards them (he's excused because he has a collapsed lung). Below is them playing with/in the box my cheese came in today.


The gym was entertaining tonight. Craig witnessed a nasty fight between twin sisters and the "usual" gym characters were there to watch. While watching people, we walked the track, did the elliptical, lifted weights and I rowed.

I'm almost done with the book I started earlier this week, so my goal is to finish that tonight! Time to turn into a bookworm.

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