Monday, February 20, 2012

Y-Triple Threat and Tempeh

I tried a new group exercise class after work tonight. It's called Y-Triple Threat. The teacher said that the class was setup like the Tabata one in the last session, so I was kind of excited as I had been wanting to try Tabata for a while now.

Here is the class description from the YMCA's website:

Knock your socks off with this three-tier total body workout! Participants will work through a combination of exercises encompassing Cardio, Strength and Core. This class offers variety and modifications for all fitness levels.

It was a fun, but tough class. I did find myself really sweaty and red at one point and had to run for an extra sip of water. It felt good to get my butt kicked though! :)

I feel like my exercise routine has been too boring lately, so it was nice to switch things up tonight.

I came home and knew exactly what I would have for dinner--tempeh. I love this Lightlife flax kind I got at Whole Foods. It's definitely been the best tempeh I have tried so far. (Sorry for the yellow photo).


I cooked it in soy sauce and had it with a side of asparagus and a berry protein smoothie.


I really like this protein powder. It doesn't taste chalky or thick like some others do.


I had better luck with curling my hair yesterday. We went to my in-laws' house for dinner, so I thought I would change things up with my hairdo. They all liked my hair a lot.


I can even report that I slept on my curls last night and they still looked good this morning, so I didn't wash my hair. I just dry shampooed it and refreshed some of the front curls. A co-worker also commented on my curls and wondered how I got them to look like they did. Love having a new style to experiment with!

On the bus ride into work this morning, I decided that I'm giving up on The Tiger's Wife. Just can't get into the book and I am about 35% through it. I have plenty of other things to read! Life's too short to read bad books.

Any book suggestions for me? I have a bunch of stuff to read, but has anything grabbed your attention lately?

I'm only two episodes into the series, but I am loving Downton Abbey so far! I am off to catch another episode now before bedtime.

Enjoy the rest of your Monday evening!


  1. Great job pushing yourself! It is definetly paying off. You are looking stunning in the past few pictures you've posted of yourself!

  2. That smoothie looks like it would give you a great boost with all that protein and what not :)!

  3. Love ur curls!! on th eother note, I have never tried tempeh, I tend to avoid soy products, but I see in on so many blogs, I think I should try it first when eating out!