Monday, March 12, 2012

A day with mom and dad

My parents now live in a different city than I grew up in. They happen to live in the same city my husband works in (which is how we reconnected after we knew each other in high school). I was off today so I could have two full days in a row away from the office. So, I went to work with Craig today.

My parents picked me up from his work and we headed to get their taxes done.

I read magazines at the library, which was so relaxing and what I needed. Love Natural Health!


Took lots of pictures of things in magazines with my phone. I do this with recipes (like I did below of the lentil meatballs) and with beauty and other products. It helps so much not to have to try to remember something off the top of my head.


Took my March Photo a Day photo of a fork. Since I wasn't sure I would eat with a fork today based on the meals I thought I would have, I took a picture of one in a magazine instead. :)


It was quite a rainy day, but we couldn't complain because we were just happy it wasn't snow.


My mom is a quilter and Craig needed another blanket for the bed, so my mom gave us this one.


Had lunch with my favorite person. :) It was a quick lunch because he had one of his busiest days at work of the year. Go figure that both of our busiest days fall at the exact same time. Good thing neither of us has been stressed. It must be the meditation working!


Here is our lovely view of North Prairie as we ate lunch at Za Zing.


Za Zing is where Craig and I first met up for ice cream in the summer of 2007. It wasn't a blind date because we knew each other in high school, but we hadn't seen each other in almost 10 years. This is also the place he proposed to me at because it's where our technical first date was.


We both got the Chicken Supreme sandwich and man it was good! I don't eat meat that often, but when I do, I definitely feel so full all day. I ate this so quickly because I hadn't had my normal morning snack like I do at work.


Of course my mom always bakes some kind of yummy treat and today's choice was a chocolate chip bar. Had two of these and will definitely take some home to munch on. Isn't eating at your parents' house lovely?


This afternoon, my mom helped me with my retirement accounts and investing. Not my favorite thing! I'm glad I got my Roth and another IRA account figured out. Craig and I still need to take a class on investing.

Now my mom and I are watching Ellen. The day flew by, as most days off do. It was fun to change up my routine and visit with my parents.


  1. Sounds like a great day! I spent most of Saturday with my Mom and it was so nice to get away just the two of us.

  2. I felt relaxed just reading this. I'm sure the meditation and your eating habits keeps you two not stressed out. I can tell you have an amazing mom as well!