Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chocolate overdose and tofu cooking class

I've been having a good week so far!

Yesterday, my co-workers and I were in quite the chocolate coma all day. A co-worker is having a major surgery this week, so we were sending her off with a chocolate party. I brought in chocolate coconut milk by SoDelicious and a few people tried it.

I made the mistake of eating chocolate oatmeal before I went into work. Oops.


This sea salt caramel chocolate was from a chocolatier in Grafton. It was simply divine. I love sea salt and add it to chocolate, oh my deliciousness.


Dessert after a huge and healthy salad was an eclair and a chocolate covered strawberry.


I had to workout after work! I hit the gym for a fast but challenging set of exercises. I am sore today so I know I worked hard. That or I didn't stretch enough post workout.

I blended up a spinach smoothie after my workout to balance out all of the sweets I had all day.

spinach smoothie

Then I went to a Tofu cooking class through the Milwaukee recreation department. I like tofu enough to want to learn more about it. This class made me like it even more. Our teacher was quirky and a little all over the place with her thoughts, but she is passionate about vegetarian eating and tofu, which was perfect.

My favorite thing was this tempeh salad she brought. It's meant to taste like tuna or chicken salad and it sure did. Like the lady next to me said, I could have eaten that whole bowl! I must make this soon. Too bad our teacher brought none of the recipes for the things she made, but I suppose most of it is so simple to recreate or look up versions of on the internet. I found a tempeh salad one right away.

tofu/tempeh salad

Next she made a tofu stir fry, which was also tasty and fresh. More veggies, which is all my body craved at this point! My only complaint was the tofu should have had the water pressed out of it for the class. I was thinking of my TofuXpress the whole time.

tofu stir fry

The last thing was tofu tacos. She said the key with tofu is to let it marinate the night before. She crumbled up the tofu and marinated it with MSG free taco seasoning from Outpost (a local grocery store). I think most people would enjoy tofu tacos, even if they don't think they like tofu.

tofu tacos

Do you like tofu or tempeh? I really prefer tempeh, especially the kind with flax from Whole Foods.


  1. I love tofu, I make it at least 1 time per week, i just bought tempeh last week for the first time and I have not made it yet! I am really excited to try it.

  2. Whoa chocolate! That is my favorite thing in the world!

    I like tofu, but I haven't had any in a while. I think its time to re-introduce it back into my meals.

  3. Where in the world does one buy that oatmeal? I am so getting some the next time I am stateside! YUM!

  4. Holy chocolate!!!
    I do like tofu, when it's been pressed and it's not soggy in the middle. I tried tempeh once, but I did something wrong and it was completely inedible, I need to try it again, but I'm terrified!