Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dream Job

Monday was :(. Today was much better.

I got a new tire this morning. I called around to places and saved over $50 in the end.

Drove to work and actually missed taking the bus, especially on the way home.

Lunch was a pb and banana sandwich and strawberries and blueberries mixed into my Aldi strawberry greek yogurt.


Pretty similar nutrition info to Chobani, huh? It tasted nearly identical (and it was only 88 cents)! I need to compare ingredients now.


March photo a day: 5 p.m. All I could think about was the SNL skit from the 90's. Maaaaking copies.


Around 4 pm, I was day dreaming of making a salad for dinner and putting wasabi peas in it. I had this with a side of pizza. The pizza didn't even taste good to me! Bring on more veggies! I am craving them like mad lately. That and berries.


I got a good workout in tonight. I mainly focused on lifting weights. I love the endorphins I get from cardio though, so I biked for a bit and walked/ran on the track.

Craig sent me this article and in the subject line of his e-mail, he wrote, "no-we can't move for this." I knew it was some amazing opportunity I would die for. Yup, I would totally love this job. Wouldn't you? If you can move anywhere, apply for it! In case you don't feel like clicking through--the title is "B.C. city posts $50K foodie dream job" and to summarize--Calgary wants to hire a food blogger who can eat out every day for the next year and blog about it. Sign me up! Or better yet, Milwaukee, please create this position and I'll boast about our city and the restaurants here, like I do already anyway. :)


  1. Am soo glad that your day was much better today--and I love your 90's SNL reference. Am also tempted to look into those jobs for the heck of it as they are in my neck of the continent and only a few hours flight and a few migraines away. lol!

  2. I love Aldi! I've had really good luck with all the products I've purchased there. Especially their produce...it's so inexpensive!

  3. Heehee, that is pretty fantastic! Looking forward to hearing if Aldi's ingredients compare to Chobani. I don't mind Dannon or Roundy's greek yogurt. I am now watching my added sugar intake. Off the Lean Cuisines and eating more Amy's, though not all of her dishes are sans "organic cane syrup."