Monday, March 5, 2012

Feeling unlucky

This happened today. Bleh. Hate cars. At least I discovered it when I got home from running my errands, not while I was out. I must have run over a nail or something at the grocery store. So, it's off to the car dealership instead of the gym tonight. They don't even have a replacement tire for me, so it'll be a day or two until I get my car back.


Yesterday's March photo a day was bedside. iHome, hair ties and hand lotion.


And today was a smile. I was smiling before the flat tire and have been pouty and mad ever since. At least Karma is kind of smiling. :)


Luckily, I got some more Chobani at the grocery store. Eating this put me in a good mood.


Besides the flat tire, I fell last night and am still hurting as a result. Total dorky Lisa move, but I had finished watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey, got the disc out of the DVD player, turned around to walk it to the kitchen table and ran smack into the vacuum that we had set out in the living room. I fell with the vacuum cleaner and my right side hit the hard bits. I somehow hurt the left side of my foot and it's still painful. My toes hurt, but I don't think they are broken because I doubt I could walk at all if they were. It just hurts to walk. I am so clutzy. It sucks.

Not really looking forward to this week either. I was off of work today because I work on Saturday. Have responded to tons of work e-mails off and on today. Mostly from people who haven't read the material I sent out three weeks ago. Life lesson: if someone has worked hard on organizing something, read what they send you! :) End rant.

Let's hope this week gets better. I still need to recap my friend's wedding! That'll be a positive and pretty post.


  1. Bummer about your flat tire. That's the worst, especially on a cold winter day!

    My bedside has a similar pile of hair ties. Glad to see I'm not alone in stockpiling them on my nightstand. :)

  2. Oh man! I hope your luck turns around for today!!!

  3. Good luck with this weekend! I know it is a lot of hard work. I am gearing up for the major work, as you know. Interviews, interviews....