Monday, March 26, 2012

Steel cut oats stole my heart

Can you believe that I write about food a lot on this blog and have never tried steel cut oats? These Bob's Red Mill ones were on sale and I decided to give them a shot finally. I've been wanting to try them for a while, but just never made the purchase.


I made them for dinner last night. I had just purchased some strawberries from the store and that combination sounded delicious to me. I added some cinnamon and sugar, a bit of maple syrup and some coconut milk. I couldn't eat this whole bowl, so I saved some for breakfast today and they were just as good warmed up.


What I like about them is that they kept me full a long time, the taste and texture seems great compared to rolled oats and they are so good for you!

Earlier in the day, I had these oats for breakfast and snapped a photo because breakfast was the photo for the March photo a day. I also love these oats too and will still enjoy eating anything by this brand.


Yesterday, I met up with my friend Kim for a great discussion about my career. Basically, I am trying to find something that matches well with my passion for nutrition, fitness and/or holistic health. I have ruled out a couple of possibilities and was still considering one, which Kim offered some insight on. I am just not sure what path to take and it's pretty stressful. I don't want to look back on this blog a year from now and be stuck in my same job. I am looking for a new one and feel very motivated to find one now.

This sign in The Limited spoke to me yesterday and I related it to what I am going through.


Well it's getting late and the night flew by with meditation and a workout, so I better get ready for bed. Good night!


  1. Oatmeal must be on everyone's minds! :) I just wrote about my love for Oat Revolution! Strawberries and Cream is my favorite flavor! So delicious!

  2. My steel cut oats never turned out that well, maybe if they did, I would have liked them! How did you cook them?
    Good luck with the job search!!!!

  3. The thing about pre-packaged foods that I have taught myself is the prevalence of sugar in everything. I was going to try Oat Revolution until I saw how much sugar was in it. A good rule of thumb is that there is 6 g of sugar or less per serving for a breakfast cereal. I'd rather put my own sugar in (or natural sugar substitute). I've been trying to stay away from added sugar and extra sugar in my diet lately. It's a test to see if I can cut back on it. I'm not overly religious, but decided to do it during Lent because it's a finite time. At the very least, I have learned that so much processed food has added sugar. Just a reinforcement to make my own food from scratch.