Sunday, March 18, 2012

Style tips from Clinton Kelly

Yesterday, I went to see stylist Clinton Kelly appear at Southridge Mall, outside of the new Macy's store. I was interested in hearing about his fashion tips and of course, in seeing him in person. I used to watch What Not to Wear (don't have cable anymore, so that is why I say "used to") and I've seen him on The Chew.

The chairs down below were all taken, so I got a good spot above the stage.


This was the end of the show, but it's my favorite shot I took.


Clinton asked for a couple of people to volunteer to get up on the stage and he critiqued what they were wearing. One woman had a Victoria's Secret neon green "pink" sweatshirt on. I think she said she was 48 and he definitely declared her to be too old to be wearing that. I kind of agreed.

Another woman wore a plain t-shirt and jeans. She also had black socks on with flats. She talked about her midsection being a problem and claimed "baby belly." He advised that she wear an interesting blazer or jacket to make her look an actual outfit. He said what she had on wasn't an outfit.


Clinton also signed books after. I didn't buy one and bring it or purchase $100 worth of clothes to get one for free, so I just snapped a shot of him smiling. He seemed like such a down to earth and nice guy.


The fashion show was pretty cool to see. I liked this outfit. The trends we saw were colored skinny jeans, aztec/southwestern prints, pretty dresses and bags that sort of matched outfits, but more or less complimented the coloring.


Clinton said that in style, look for color, texture, pattern and shine. He talked about how black doesn't always look good on everyone. People who tend to wear black too often need to look to other colors as black can emphasize dark circles. Similarly, red can emphasize red tones in your skin. I know my skin tends to get red around my nose and on my cheeks and when I wear this one red sweater, I swear the redness stands out more.

I think I would have passed Clinton't style test if I had gotten up on stage yesterday. I wore jeans that looked right, I covered my plain t-shirt up with a gray stylish light sweatshirt, I threw on a green necklace that gave me some texture and I wore ballet flats. Perhaps he would have said I was trying to look young, because I guess my outfit could have been one a 20 something year old would have worn.


I got closer to the stage at the end and that is when he spoke to a young lady in the crowd about loving what you do for a living. I felt like this was another sign from the universe. He earned his Masters in Journalism and was working as an editor-in-chief. Someone asked him to be on What Not to Wear and the rest is history. He took a chance and I guess that was also one of the main themes of his advice...take chances, find what you love to do and have fun.

After the show was over, I walked around the new Macy's and thought it was a really nice store. I even tried on some skinny jeans, but I didn't love them. I remembered some of the tips he gave when I was shopping, but alas, I didn't buy any clothes. I feel like I am in such a clothes rut right now!

It was fun to see a celebrity in person and learn some things yesterday.


  1. That's so cool. I knew that there was a new Macy's opening at Southridge, but I hadn't heard that he was going to be there!

  2. Clinton would die if he saw what I wear every day! But in my defense, I work in a lab and have to wear a lab coat and special shoes soooo that's my excuse :)