Friday, April 6, 2012

A tale of two shopping carts

My meeting went well this morning! I am still not sure whether personal training at this particular gym is right for me. Maybe I'll write a pros and cons list soon and put it out there.

I didn't feel great after my meeting, so I was lazy all afternoon. I napped with Karma. Whenever my stomach hurts, I tend to just want to sleep and hope that makes me feel all better.

I also finished The Violets of March and really enjoyed the story! I swear I read books faster on the kindle than I do on paper.

I have a little tale of two shopping carts to share with you. Craig and I rarely go grocery shopping together. I like to go with a list and coupons and tend to stick to the perimeters, unless I go into the middle for cereal, coffee or chips for him. He tends to shop only the middle!


We actually took two carts tonight and met up in the cereal aisle. I looked at his cart and saw a box of donuts. A box of 12 donuts to be more precise! I actually got mad at him for thinking he was going to bring this box into our house. I also was sort of shocked because when I was looking at red peppers, I saw him looking at a box and smiling and I thought he was maybe getting a birthday cake for his dad's birthday tomorrow. No, just a box of sugar for him to snack on.

Seeing that I want to eat healthy, I want him to do the same and realize that he will pay for eating bad food somewhere down the road.

Here is Craig's cart full of chips and other bad snacks. Oh my husband. My cart pictured above had cottage cheese, milk, chobani, vegetarian sausages, a red pepper and jazz apples.


I try to make healthy choices at the store as much as possible, but I am not perfect. No one is. I just didn't want my husband to buy a dozen donuts for $5. He bought an Entenmann's coffee cake instead.

Do you have a spouse or someone else in your life that frustrates you with their eating habits and it's very hard to change them?

I definitely think Craig has gotten better since I first met him, but he rarely eats fruits or vegetables.

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  1. I am in the exact same boat. My boyfriend eats whatever he wants, while I try really hard to eat healthy. I hate it because I buy snacks that he wants to make him happy, but then end up eating them myself and feel guilty. It's really hard to find a compromise sometimes!