Thursday, April 12, 2012

My week in a nutshell

1) This has been an emotional week since a co-worker was severely injured in a freak accident while traveling overseas. I just keep thinking of her and sending positive thoughts her way. If I learned anything from her accident, it's that Craig and I should take out good insurance when we travel in case something as odd as what happened to her could randomly happen to us.

2) I sprained my ankle at work this afternoon. It still hurts and is swollen. I think I'll have to get an x-ray tomorrow to make sure I didn't break anything. This is the foot I had a fractured in 2007 and it was supposed to heal on it's own. Ugh, it's so frustrating being injured.

3) I went to the library twice this week. Thursday's trip involved picking up these lovely materials. I am especially excited about the Hunger Games soundtrack!

As you can see, I'm still exploring my career options and doing my research.


These are photos of the back staircase I frequently walk up on my lunch break visits to the downtown library. Stairs was the April photo of the day subject for today.

Ugly shoes were worn with white socks because of the sprained ankle. Needed the most support possible so I could easily limp along. Good thing I keep comfy flats in my office for these types of situations.



4) Our cats were pretty naughty this week. A gross smell kept occurring when our heat would come on. Well, I came to find out that there was fresh poop by our couch.

Last night, they got into a Cheetos bag my husband left out (naughty husband too) and I found ripped pieces of the bag everywhere and puke on the carpet, that thankfully was not orange.

5) I was so looking forward to starting a month long French language class this weekend, until it got canceled due to low enrollment. Ugh. Now I guess I'll have to resort to watching Amelie over and over again and teaching myself through podcasts and CDs from the library. Merde.


6) I received some more details on an overnight trip I'll be taking with some Milwaukee bloggers to Madison in June. I am most excited to see how yummy Wisconsin cheese is made, visit the farmer's market, explore parts of the state I haven't been to before and to eat good food.

7) Where I eat breakfast and the subject of Wednesday's photo of the day. I always eat with that little bugger of a kitty too. He usually sits on my lap.


8) Food I've been eating--frozen Dole berries (totally got them cheap with double coupons) have made their way into my greek yogurt all week and I love the addition.


Mom gave me some banana cake on Sunday and it is delicious!


9) It's been cold this week and "cold" was the photo a day theme for Tuesday. I am so ready for summer.


10) I'll end with these photos of me as a little girl. I had fun taking photos of old photos for my Monday photo of the day subject, which was "younger you."


Craig laughs at this picture because he thinks I look like a detective. It's sort of one of his nicknames for me because I have a good memory and I am always investigative with my thoughts and research. I can't help it. My siblings and parents are the same way.



Hope you had a good week! I'm off to elevate and ice.


  1. I hope your ankle will be okay! I have a hairline fracture in my wrist from a childhood gymnastics injury and was told it would never heal. I'm always very nervous about it breaking; I think you are wise for getting it checked out. Good luck and I hope it feels better soon!

  2. oh no! i hope your co-worker is ok & that your ankle heals quickly! :(

    you're coming to madison?! i'd love to hang out if you have any free time!

  3. I hope your ankle feels better!!! Have a great weekend :0