Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The travel bug

I have the itch to travel really badly right now. My husband knows this all too well! So, I redecorated my office a bit this morning by hanging up this map I got from the Sierra Club a while ago. It helps me focus on nice things while in my gray cubicle. Today, I dreamed of going on a hike in a national park (with my ankle brace on, of course). Maybe one in Utah like Zion. I also wrote my husband an e-mail with a link to an article about a new Mob museum that opened up in Vegas. The man loves anything with the mob, so I thought maybe this would get him excited about traveling to Vegas and then maybe onto some National Parks in Southwestern Utah.


Lunch was half of this Amy's vegetarian chili can. Amy's has been saving me this week because I haven't had time to prep lunches at night or in the morning. Loved the spice level in this. The tofu crumbles were delicious too.


I have been loving this Sugar Rose tinted lip treatment from Fresh. It's so moisturizing and provides the perfect bit of color.


Speaking of sugar, I listened to my favorite podcast ever at work today, Dishing Up Nutrition. They mentioned the 60 minutes special on sugar and were saying that they got all nerdy over the special, just like I did. I learned two interesting things from the episode I listened to:

-If you find yourself craving something sweet after you eat a meal, try taking 50 mg of zinc at bedtime.
-If you are craving chocolate, you could have a magnesium deficiency.

I definitely need to take their advice!

The April photo of the day subject was hair today. Here's my hair that needs a highlight and cut pretty badly again. I never seem to find a salon I totally love and I was a little disappoitned that my stylist didn't really thin out my hair during my last appointment. So, on a break at work, I went on the hunt for a new salon and I am drawn to Aveda ones, so that's what I searched for. I came up with a new salon that got great reviews and I promptly made an appointment. Two weeks from now can't come soon enough! My hair just gets so hard to dry when I have this much of it and I want to be brighter for summer.


I was craving something sweet in the afternoon, so I broke out this sample I received in the mail yesterday. It was tasty! Too bad I probably wouldn't buy it because of the artificial sweeteners.



Do you dream about traveling as much as I do? I guess it's just been so long since we went anywhere. We went to Florida in February 2011, so it's been too long since we got out of the state! If I had my way, I'd have a big trip planned every year. If Craig had his, he'd just go to his family's cabin and chill out.


  1. When we went to DC earlier this month I was thinking about how our last trip was Vegas September 2010...that's way too long between trips! I limited time with my work email to once per day and it felt like a real vacation. I love having a trip to look forward to.

  2. chilling at the cabin or heading out of state both sound good to me. my big trip is my great bike ride across Iowa in July.