Tuesday, May 22, 2012




and this...


are what happen when one finds out the job they applied for two days ago already has a qualified candidate and there will be no interview. I am simply bummed. It was a great company and job with an awesome wellness program to boot. But, you know what? There are other jobs and I will keep persevering until I find the job that is meant for me or the career path that is.

I worked really hard on my cover letter and application over the weekend and then poof, it's gone. I really think there was an internal candidate identified even before they posted it to the public. Don't you hate when that happens?

Don't worry, I bought mostly healthy food except for those two items and some cookie dough ice cream at the store tonight. I found this, which made my day! I love anything strawberry rhubarb and it was quite tasty!


I picked up some deli ham because I was at Sendik's and their deli department rocks. Plus it was on sale. I couldn't wait to have a ham and provolone sandwich for dinner on some fresh bread.


I also got some Stonyfield yogurt to make my own greek yogurt with over the weekend! I can't wait to experiment using Paige's or Alysha's methods.


NBC Nightly News had an interesting story tonight about an app that tracks our eating habits from Massive Health. Karma was clearly interested since it had to do with "food food." It showed a map of the US with what we were eating around 10 am, then 10 pm and 1 am. Interesting stuff! People were clearly up at 1 am eating some of the bad foods I posted above! :)


It had been months since I pulled my yoga mat out and went to a class. I missed it and the stretching felt great! I am definitely relaxed and ready for bed now.


The night flew by, so time to read some of your blogs and go on a walk outside with the hubby before bedtime!


  1. You'll find your answer, Lisa. Stay positive and persevere!

  2. I'm so sorry you didn't get a chance at the job. Something great will be in your future.
    P.s. I sent your cookbook today :)

  3. You know - this sounds SO MUCH like a job I applied to a few months ago. Their wellnes program was award-wining and they even had day care on-site (not that it affects me, but still a great perk for parents). Is this place in Palmyra?

    I agree with misskim80- I'm sure you'll find a better job :)

  4. Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry you did not get the opportunity you were looking for. I am sure there are plenty of great things in your future, girl, no worries. Try not to get too discouraged and stay positive :)

    I'll be sending positive vibes your way for sure!

  5. I absolutely hate when that happens, but company policy may make them post even if they know someone is good for it. Actually, I interviewed for a job that went to someone inside the org, so it made sense to me. At least they were promoting from within.

    Hey at least you had some practice on the application and fixing up the resume. That never hurts. If I were closer by, I'd take you to Yo Maman!