Thursday, May 10, 2012

Coffee buzz

Hooray, it's almost Friday!

My Thursday was quite caffeinated. I drank a cup of coffee for breakfast, brought a thermos and I scored a free almond cafe au lait at work. Needless to say, I was feeling like I had ADD and I got a ton of stuff done at work. I felt happy, talkative and productive.


Then it made me sick. Too much coffee is never good for my IBD.

I stayed at work late and was hungry when I got home, so I just warmed up one of these. I had tried this brand before and liked it. It was a yummy meal!


I topped it with Frank's red hot, which I think I will always be obsessed with.


I watched Jeopardy while I ate.


I snickered when I saw Craig's "girlfriend." My husband and I saw this girl on the other night and he thought she was cute, lisp and all. :) So, I teased him by sending him an e-mail with a photo of his girlfriend.


After facetiming a couple of people, including my parents, I hit the gym. Facetime is so much fun, so if you have an iPhone or iPad and haven't tried it yet, do it!

I changed things up tonight by only wearing my hair halfway up for my workout. With my shorter hair, it's much easier to do. Usually I only wear a ponytail with my bangs clipped back or a headband holding my hair in place.


I had a really good workout. The gym was sort of empty so I decided to partake in a bunch of moves I learned at boot camp a couple of years ago. I used the BOSU and got some weird stares (or maybe I am just paranoid). I really have grown to love the BOSU for doing pushups on, abs, balance exercises, lunges, burpees, etc. I got my heart rate up and was sweating pretty quickly! I also rowed and lifted weights. I stayed away from doing too much cardio at the gym because I knew I'd head outside once I got home.

It was gorgeous out again so I ran and walked around my neighborhood. I took my phone with me and listened to Foster the People, Florence and the Machine, Dream on by Aerosmith (loving this old song lately) and Terrified by Among Savages, one of my new favorites.


Because I felt dehydrated from my coffee overload day, I chugged a Vita Coco. I won a bunch from Laura and they arrived the other day! I love coconut water! I know my husband thinks it's gross.


And now I am watching the documentary Food Fight so I better go pay attention to what Alice Waters, Will Allen (of Growing Power in Milwaukee, woo hoo) Marion Nestle and Michael Pollan have to say. It's really interesting so far and making me wish I had more money when I lived in Berkeley, CA so I could have had a nice meal at Chez Panisse. Next time we go back there, we'll definitely have to go!

Oh and I think Earl Butz alone is responsible for messing up our food system in America. Thanks Earl! Look at the mess you have created and now we are having trouble getting out of it.


Have a great night!


  1. Bah, I hate when I feel like crap after too much coffee. It sure tastes good going down though, right? :)
    Love Franks, but this time I got Franks extra hot, and whooooo boy - it is SMOKIN hot!

  2. LOL! love your story about your husbands "girlfriend"! My fiance has a "girlfriend" too -- Jen Lada on Fox 6 News!!

  3. That was part of the reason I had to stop drinking coffee, my stomach HATED me for it!!!

  4. oh man. i feel shaky and sick when i drink more than my two cups of coffee too. not fun.

    i always feel like i'm getting weird looks when i use the bosu ball or try new moves at the gym, but then i ask myself if i even pay attention to what other people are doing with their workouts and the answer is no. so then i stop being paranoid and get back to working my butt off! :)

  5. Yay - the VitaCoco finally came in! :)
    I haven't tried Franks (I know, how can I say I've lived, right?) but will have to pick up a bottle soon.