Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good news and a visit to the Octagon House

My Friday started out with iced coffee and a blueberry lemon scone at work.


As my husband called my cell mid-morning to ask me something, I saw an e-mail come through that caught my eye. It was from the company that rejected my application earlier in the week! A recruiter e-mailed me saying she would love to talk further! I couldn't believe my luck and ran outside to do a little happy dance. Now I am just playing the waiting game--I wrote her back but I suspect she left early for the weekend because she hasn't contacted me back yet. Eek! I have lots of studying to do tomorrow! The only problem is that I don't know if it's for that original position I applied for or another one that I qualified for.

This was my happy face after I found out the news.


Last night, we went to get some more plants from our garden from Home Depot. I had a $10 gift card I earned from Daily Feats, so an early girl tomato plant, cilantro and a sweet red pepper plant cost us only 50 cents!


We are checking in my in-laws' house this weekend and I snapped this picture in their backyard.


I tried the whole wheat tortilla that Qdoba just started offering (finally) and it was pretty good. The burrito definitely tasted healthier.


After the rain cleared out this morning, we headed out to Watertown for a little road trip. Our destination was the Octagon House.


I had been to it before, but it was Craig's first time.


Such a pretty and unique house!


Loved the awesome staircase.


We liked our tour--it lasted for over an hour and it was only us with another couple. We paid $7 each for the tour, which was a fair price.


The first kindergarten building is right behind the Octagon House. It was moved there from another site in town.


This was my favorite piece from inside the Octagon House.


Such a fun little road trip to a really neat destination! Our guide did a great job portraying Harvey, the naughty son in the Richards family.



Afterwards, we drove by some historic houses in Watertown which were really pretty as well.

This one is a bed and breakfast.


And we ended our trip to the area with a stop at the Johnson Creek outlets, where I found the Nike free TR fit shoes I really wanted for only $36.91 with tax! What a great deal. All of their shoes were an extra 30% off this weekend. I lucked out with a good color combo too. I can't wait to try these out at the gym.


How is your holiday weekend going so far?


  1. I hope you have the opportunity for another job. I love historic homes. That staircase is SO gorgeous!! And so are your new shoes! I love the colors! That is a really great deal!

  2. good luck with the new path. hope the interview leads you to something fulfilling. funny Watertown and Johnson creek because I'm biking to both places tomorrow there and back home! 45 miles

  3. I love house tours. And good luck with the interview process!

  4. Cute house! Thanks for sharing. Would be a great excursion for my kiddos this summer. I love nosing around historic houses, gets my imagination going!

    Best of luck on your interview!