Friday, June 15, 2012

A morning in Bay View

I spent my Saturday morning in Bay View.

I get my haircut at a salon there now and enjoyed some Aveda tea before my appointment.


My hair is shorter, shiny and styled. I keep going shorter and shorter and honestly, sort of miss having a wee bit longer hair. I think longer looks better on me with a round face too. We shall see if I will grow it out again or not.


I went to the South Shore farmers market for the first time. It was in such a pretty setting and for being the first day, they had a lot of booths!

I bought some lettuce, spoke to the organ grinder below and took some pictures of the city from the shore.


Craig and I biked this path a couple of summers ago and it was lovely! We need to do it again.


Next, I headed to the Bay View Outpost for lunch and to shop for groceries.

The tofu steak sandwich caught my eye.


It looks like a bratwurst, but it was a delicious hunk of breaded tofu. Yum!


While shopping, I discovered that Outpost sells paneer. Probably more expensive than your average Indian store sells it for, but cool to know that they carry it. I had to resist purchasing the fried paneer.


I ended up getting some Deppeler's Baby Swiss cheese and Stone's Throw wine for my dad's b-day/father's day, a bunch of Chobani, coconut coffee creamer and these are my two new items that sounded too good to pass up. I am always on the hunt for a new cider and I had never seen this one in other stores. Oh and the chocolate is delicious. I had to dig into it right away upon arriving home. :)


Hope you're enjoying your Saturday!

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  1. LOVE Bay View! I used to run the path along the river with Team Challenge and I fell in love with it. It's so pretty!