Monday, June 4, 2012

Wisconsin Cheese Tour: Chalet Cheese

Our first stop on the Wisconsin cheese tour was in Monroe. We checked out Chalet cheese co-op, which is the only creamery in the United States that is making Limburger cheese. Their limburger represents 20 percent of the company's production. They are also known for their Baby Swiss, German Brick, Swiss, Natural Smoked Swiss and rBST-free cheese.

Bloggers and bus

Chalet cheese is a farmer-owned co-op which was founded in 1885. Their products are distributed under brands such as Deppeler and Country Castle.

Chalet Cheese co-op, Monroe

Chalet cheese

Cheesemaker Myron Olson introduced us to the history of Chalet and how he got into the cheese making business. He clearly loves his job! I would too and doubt I'd ever really get sick of being around cheese!

Chalet cheese


Karis and I sported lovely hair nets and all in order to tour the facility.

Karis and I


Cheese making tools.


Holly's face is priceless here!




I tried a piece of the curd and it didn't really taste like anything at that point.



It was cool to see the guys working while we toured.


The Limburger cheese room. It was stinky in there, but I got used to it after a while.


The wooden boards the cheese sits on have been inoculated with the correct bacteria.



I believe this was Swiss cheese before it was put into the warm room.


Clearly they have won many awards over the years!


Packaging the cheese up!


Myron showed us how they take a part of the Swiss cheese out to test the flavor.


After the tour, we were able to try the varieties. I loved the baby swiss!


Baby swiss cheese, Chalet


I honestly didn't love the limburger. It's definitely an acquired taste. Although, I must admit that it was yummy with the strawberry jam.

Limburger and strawberry jam


While the public can't tour the facility, you can walk in and buy some cheese!

Chalet cheese prices

I loved this sign!

Love this sign!

Thank you to Myron Olson and Chalet for giving us a wonderful and in-depth tour of your facility! Next time I am in Green County, I'd love to go back there and buy some cheese from the co-op, especially their baby Swiss. I did see that the West Allis cheese and sausage shoppe sells the Deppeler Swiss.

Chalet Cheese Co-op

I was able to tour Chalet cheese co-op as part of a trip paid for by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing board. My opinions are my own.


  1. How much fun! I love cheese, that looked like a great tour

  2. I love looking at everyone else's pictures! I'm laughing out loud at Holly's face! And the picture of me 3 photos below it - it looks like I'm sleeping!

  3. Nice writeup! And you and Karis look amazingly cute given your hairnets ;-)

  4. It has been exactly 4 years since I had my first taste of limburger. I absolutely hated it. Hmmm...maybe I should try it again :)