Monday, July 23, 2012

AJ Bombers Milwaukee

We wanted to try a new restaurant when celebrating Craig's birthday this past Thursday, so we headed down to AJ Bombers on Water Street in downtown Milwaukee.

various july photos 023

I liked that we could fill out our own orders.

menu AJ Bombers

We played one round of "soccer" and realized we weren't too good at it.

Birthday boy!

We had some peanuts to start.

getting peanuts!

Then our cheese curds arrived and we gobbled them up pretty quickly!

cheese curds

Craig ordered the Milwaukee burger, which was on the Food Wars show.

Craig's burger

I had the veggie burger on a pretzel roll.

my veggie burger

To me, the interior was very manly. Peanuts on the floor, peanut filled "bombs" that fly through the air, etc.

various july photos 018

various july photos 011

AJ Bombers Milwaukee

Craig and I both really liked the food we ordered and would return to AJ Bombers. This mostly vegetarian might even try a hamburger next time!

AJ Bombers
1247 N Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 221-9999


  1. Love AJ Bombers. I recommend everyone try the Milwaukee burger on their first trip; it's just a great burger. After that, try the Barrie burger.

  2. I love fun, casual restaurants. The food looks very yummy too :) I really like the concept of filling out your own order as well!