Friday, July 13, 2012

Lucky Friday the 13th

Did you know that 2012 has had 3 Friday the 13ths? It's my lucky day and year I guess! 13 is one of my lucky numbers.

I spent my lucky Friday feeling unlucky in some ways. I met my friend Laurie at Panera to teach her how to use Wordpress and blog in general. Unfortunately, we ended up at different Paneras on accident and wondered where each other was. We finally connected and my luck turned around when she bought me breakfast! I enjoyed a yummy egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta.

Later in the morning, I met my mom to go shopping. We got our free refreshers drinks at Starbucks. We both tried the berry and it was yummy!



After doing some shopping and having no luck in the clothes or shoes department today, we treated ourselves to Yo Mama in Brookfield. It was my first time checking out this location.



I got the cake batter with fruit and assorted borba balls, gummies, etc. Aah, I missed frozen yogurt.


The interior of this location was more spacious than Tosa.


They had the same cute lights I love so much though!


And the same funky, super tall chairs.



I loved this water fountain, or bubbler, as we call them in Milwaukee.


So cool that it has a spot to fill up water bottles and track how many bottles the fountain has filled up.


Back to the bubbler--here is a fun explanation posted above the water fountain.


The frozen yogurt fueled us up for a trip to Costco! My mom is a member, so I stocked up on a bunch of stuff--nothing too exciting though. Mom and I basically had our lunch there in samples too!

What do you call a drinking fountain in your town? What are your favorite fro yo toppings?

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  1. I was just at yo mama in brookefield on wednesday :) It was my first time - their decor is awesome.