Friday, November 23, 2012

Scenes from Thanksgiving

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving! 

I spent Thursday morning cooking my two dishes and then going to the grocery store because we ran out of olive oil. I couldn't believe how many people were there doing last minute shopping, but we got in and out pretty quickly.

I ended up not using any onions in the acorn squash recipe and I liked it much better this way. I also piled on some cranberry orange relish on top. In the end, this plate ended up being way too much food for my stomach and I didn't feel great all night.

My Thanksgiving meal

Here is our table as everyone was getting settled in.This shot is missing my dad, Craig and my brother and sister-in-law.

Thanksgiving chaos at the table

It was the second warmest Thanksgiving in Milwaukee history, so I played photographer and snapped some shots of my brother and his family.


Owen had fun being thrown in the air for a few pictures.

flying Owen

I had a slice of pumpkin pie for dessert and a bit of Craig's chocolate cheesecake. I definitely lean towards the more traditional Thanksgiving desserts because I only get to have pumpkin pie once a year.

pumpkin pie, yum

After dessert, we attempted to play some card games, but these two little boys make that difficult to do!

Nathan and Owen playing cards

For the rest of the night, we just sat around and talked. The men watched football. My brother and sister-in-law came in from California for the holiday, so it was nice to see them and catch up (they're on the left in the photo below).

Squeezed together on the couch

I am not much of a black Friday shopper, so I didn't venture out to any stores today. Craig actually went out to two last night and one of them was so nuts, that he left before he attempted to find the item he wanted. 

Did you go out shopping this morning? I am definitely more of a cyber Monday person, but I am not sure there are any great deals out there for that this year. I'd love a Clarasonic Mia if I could find one for  $80 or less, but I doubt that is going to happen.

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  1. It's so crazy seing people photographed outside in short sleeves on Thanksgiving. By the way that brother looks just like you! I'm assuming that's not the first time you've heard that :)

    Happy to hear you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving!