Saturday, November 3, 2012

Where I've Been

I have no good excuse for not posting all week, except that I was tired, not much happened this week and that I am trying to figure out the future of Fit in the Midwest. As of Halloween, my blog ads ended and I decided not to go with the Lijit network suggested to me. I want to make the switch to BlogHer, but that requires changing blog hosts because Wordpress isn't supported through BlogHer. I am probably going to switch to Blogger and with that will come a new blog name and address. I want to own my domain name as well. For now, I'll keep blogging here until I make the switch and then I will try to direct traffic to the new name. If anyone has simple instructions on how to do this, I'd appreciate the help.

I actually considered not blogging at all in the future. But I decided that I love it too much, even if I only write two posts a week. I enjoy photography, documenting my life and having a hobby that explores my interests in nutrition, cooking and fitness. I still hope to turn these interests into a career someday.

I have no clue what my new blog will be called and I am sure something will come to me. Until I make the switch, I appreciate you reading and commenting. I am so thankful for the blogging community and I can't imagine leaving it and being only a reader.

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  1. Yes, you should keep blogging! Gee, my goal is only two posts per week (which I haven't been hitting lately)... I'd like to go to a hosted rather than free Wordpress blog after the holidays. I think it would give me more flexibility.