Sunday, December 9, 2012

MKEfoodies cookies for cancer bake sale

The MKEfoodies cookies for cancer bake sale took place on Saturday and it was my first time attending. I also baked cookies & bark and volunteered for the first hour and a half. Little did I know that the bake sale would sell out about a hour after I left and it ended up raising so much money for pediatric cancer! I am glad they had a great turnout and did so well. Next year, they will need even more bakers, so local readers and bloggers, please try to bake something and participate the second Saturday in December.

The Linzer cookies I made turned out pretty good. They are definitely difficult cookies to make, but I was happy to find a great blog post with wonderful instructions to follow.

Here I am all ready to take my 30 cookies to the sale!

We help setup the cookies on tables and there were so many wonderful baked goods to check out. As you can see from the sign, you could fill a brown lunch bag full of cookies for only $10.

Erica, Karis and I volunteered together.

The bake sale took place at Best Place. Here is the lovely courtyard with a statue of Frederick Pabst.

The buildings in the area were kind of creepy, but very historic and special to Milwaukee brewing history.

The three of us hung out at the milk, silent auction and raffle table.

Here are my final products. I was happy with the bags I purchased from Michael's and Big Lots.

I don't have any pictures of the cookies I purchased, but I have enjoyed eating some new flavors and unique items I wouldn't bake around this time of year.


  1. Great shots from the sale. Your Linzer cookies must have looked great because they were all gone by the time I got there.

  2. I ate BOTH of my linzer cookies yesterday. Loved the almond flavor.

  3. Such a nice thing that you all did!

  4. I love linzer cookies with jam :) I bet these were delish.