Saturday, December 15, 2012

My week in photographs: December 9-14

Here is what my week looked like....

On Sunday, I tried out a new machine at the gym. It's called NuStep and while it may seem like it's made for baby boomers, I think it is perfect for my sprained ankle situation. It's a recumbent elliptical. I definitely got my heart rate up using it on a higher resistance and on Monday, my arms hurt so badly, which is always a good sign!

Craig and I got frozen yogurt for the first time in a couple of months. My favorite local, small business fro yo place, YoMama, even had the holiday flavors like Egg Nog and Gingerbread available. I stuck to my boring favorite of Cake Batter. It tasted so good! I even put some green and red mochi on top. Those things are the best. I loved the Christmas decorations around the business as well.

I finally put the Christmas tree up! I think I've hit my limit on ornaments for our mini tree.

Our angel this year is an ornament that my Grandma made. She died when I was young and seeing this little angel ornament brings back fond memories of her.

Food/drink wise, I enjoyed trying a new tea, Winter Spice, from Twinings. I paired it with the chocolate peppermint scones I picked up at the bake sale on Saturday. The scones were delicious, just as the person who baked them promised them to be.

We received a number of holiday cards and these two were my favorite. We need to start sending cards one of these years...

I snacked on this quite a bit. It's so delicious and the perfect snack to keep at my desk at work.

I went to the Milwaukee Public Market for lunch on Friday. I had the urge to eat something healthy and so I chose to get a juice and tempeh wrap at The Green Kitchen.

It was nice to relax in the market and get away from my desk.

Hope you're having a good weekend so far! 


  1. Ha, that's funny seeing my Christmas card :) Happy to see that it arrived via Shutterfly! I tried hard to convince my family to eat at the Public Market for lunch today because I was craving The Green Kitchen, and I got out voted. We ate at Baker's Square instead :(

  2. I had to stop buying the trail mix because I could eat the whole bag in one sitting.
    The tea sounds like a delicious flavor.

  3. We just got a Cherry Berry Frozen yogurt place here in Racine and the mochi are my favorite too!!

  4. Glad I'm not the only one who says "one of these years I'll start sending cards." ;-)