Friday, February 1, 2013

That's Amore Italian Cafe in Greenfield

The best way for me to avoid falling asleep on the couch on a Friday night is to go out to eat at a restaurant or get to the gym. Since I walked a lot at work today, Craig and I chose to eat out tonight at That's Amore Italian Cafe in Greenfield.

The restaurant was recently voted #1 Italian restaurant in Milwaukee according to WISN's A-list. I had been there once before with a friend, but I think that was back in high school.

We didn't enjoy any alcoholic drinks while we dined, but I did like the sound of their Blood Orange Mojito. I wonder where I can find blood orange liqueur. It sounds "molto delizioso!" I'll have to return for a mojito in the summer months.

Our meal came with the standard Italian salad and breadsticks to start with.

Craig had the Chicken Tortellini and enjoyed his meal.

I thought about ordering gnocchi, but it had meat sauce on top and I wasn't feeling the gnocchi tonight. Instead, I ordered Baked Ravioli stuffed with cheese and topped with mushrooms, pine nuts, tomato sauce, and shallots, all on a bed of spinach. It sounded healthier and was vegetarian! I loved my meal and think this would be great to recreate at home.

The best part is that I have leftovers for work tomorrow!

We thought the interior was cozy and comfortable and the service was great. We would definitely return to That's Amore again.

That's Amore Italian Cafe
5080 S. 108th Street
Greenfield, WI 53227
(414) 425-7150


  1. That blood orange mojito sounds fantastic and it reminds me that I've been meaning to try a blood orange margarita recipe. Chris told me he wants to celebrate my promotion this weekend, and I think that would be the perfect drink to do so :)

  2. Delicious!
    There's a Spanish spirit called Licor 43 (sold in the US). It's orange and a bit sweet, but could probably be used for the mojito.

  3. I've never heard of Amore cafe. I'll have to check it out before we move! Your baked ravioli looks amazing.