Sunday, March 24, 2013

Milwaukee Winter Farmer's Market

My mom and I visited the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers' Market on Saturday morning. I had only been once before and I really enjoyed the selection of vendors much more this time!

I purchased a bag of Valentine coffee (made in Milwaukee) and some honey, made locally in Hales Corners.

The Valentine booth was busy the entire time!

I chose the Peru Cepicafe and with my purchase, a cup of coffee was included. I didn't add cream or sugar and it tasted delicious.

Unfortunately, I didn't buy any produce, I just looked at things like root vegetables. I cannot wait until the West Allis Farmers' Market is full of farmers and fresh food!

My mom purchased a lotion bar from Soap of the Earth, a company based in Whitewater, WI. When I need to stock up on some soap or natural insect repellent, I am definitely getting some from Soap of the Earth! I loved smelling of the soaps, especially any lavender based ones, but all of them smelled wonderful.

If you live in the Milwaukee area and haven't been to the Winter Farmers' Market, get there soon! The season ends on April 13th. 

Location: Tommy Thompson Youth Center
State Fair Park
Ag Village, Gate 5
640 South 84th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53214

Hours: 8 a.m. to noon.
Free parking


  1. I was amazed at how long that coffee takes to brew the last time I was at the farmers market with Jen, who's a coffee drinker. They need their own separate room to accommodate all the people waiting for coffee :)

    p.s. Seeing the spam comment above reminds me that Blogger spam has gotten out of control lately. I've noticed that many Blogger users have recently switched to using captcha which annoys the heck out of me, but now I'm considering it too.

  2. Great reminder that I must get to the winter farmer's market soon!