Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scenes from the weekend

I felt like breaking out the iPhone and DSLR cameras this weekend to capture what I was up to.

I worked until nearly midnight on Friday evening, so it was nice to wake up to these guys on Saturday morning. Surprisingly, we were all in a really good mood. I am usually quite cranky and tired after working so late and being on my feet a lot.

My first bulu box arrived on Saturday morning. More on my impression in a future post.

The kitties liked checking out my box and sniffing all around it.

I used a Living Social deal to join Sam's Club. After we were tired from walking around there, we headed to Starbucks. Craig got a White Chocolate Mocha.

I had a 50% off coupon for any drink, so I tried the new Hazelnut Macchiato. It was just ok. I wouldn't get it again.

Karma proceeded to be his silly self by cleaning his nails and rolling around the floor.

Donated some clothes to Goodwill in exchange for Boston Store coupons. Per usual, I didn't buy a thing with those coupons.

Then it was time for sushi with my friend Danielle at Ginza in Wauwatosa. I started out with veggie tempura. I should have gone with the avocado salad, which Danielle got. I find I really don't like greasy, fried foods much anymore.

I had been craving vegetarian sushi for about a good month now. Fresh sushi is just so yummy!

I checked out feedly over the weekend and am liking it more and more. I figured that I would start out using bloglovin', but still keep trying other reader sites.

Karma and I are both ready for spring. I am happy the snow is melting more and more every day and he is happy to see birds flying again. He was watching a cute red one in the street right before I took this photo.

I've been trying to use up beauty samples I get and because my hair has been feeling dry lately, I tried this mask out today. It moisturized nicely, but smelled strange.

I finally used a coupon I had for a free Angelic Bakehouse product!

I got the sprouted seven grain bread and promptly made a chickpea salad sandwich when we arrived home from errands. I really loved the seven grain!

Karma likes to stalk Craig and I when we eat cheese.

I tried out some arbonne products--the makeup primer and foundation. I think buff is the perfect color for me. I am not sure I am sold on how these products work with my skin though. 

After a workout tonight, I was really in the mood to bake and use up two bananas that were browning quickly. I made Banana Crumb muffins from My Baking Addiction. They turned out so delicious! I am looking forward to eating one as a snack at work tomorrow.

It was a busy and fun weekend! Any exciting events take place in your world? The one thing I didn't get around to doing was reading a book. I did a bit of that before heading into work on Friday, but I really wanted to finish the book I am currently reading.


  1. Fun weekend!
    I love trying samples, too.

  2. Now I'm really regretting not going to MKE Foodies. You are really giving me a sushi craving!