Friday, June 14, 2013

Yummy greens, VB6 and my Dad's Birthday

Here is what I have been up to all week!

I've been getting through this bag of greens from Trader Joe's. This is by far my favorite TJ's purchase I have made lately. I love this combination in smoothies (as you'll later see), on sandwiches and as a base for a salad.

This salad tasted like a dessert to me, in the sense that it was really satisfying. It contained those TJ greens, cucumber, grape tomatoes, avocado (my favorite food lately), feta, and sunflower seeds. I topped it with a homemade Italian dressing. Maybe it tasted better because I ate it outside on our back patio!

Last night, I enjoyed a smoothie that I will definitely be blending up again soon. It had the TJ greens, Trader Joe's organic frozen raspberries and strawberries, Trader Joe's vanilla almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and ground flax.

This book came in at the library and I fear I won't have a ton of time to read it. But, I know I can carve out some bus time to dedicate to it. I started it at lunch today and I love this quote from the foreword by Dr. Dean Ornish, "There is a convergence of forces that make this the right book, right now. At a time when the limitations of high-tech medicine such as drugs and surgery are becoming clearer and the costs are unsustainable, the power of low-tech approaches such as what we eat are becoming more well-documented than ever." Amen!

On Tuesday, I drove out to the country to celebrate my dad's 77th birthday! We had an awesome meal--I had a veggie burger and everyone else had hamburgers. My mom served corn on the cob, watermelon, a fantastic salad from Costco (greens with dried cranberries and a poppyseed dressing), and banana cake for dessert. So yummy!

Other than that, I've been trying to get outside for walks and just to sit in the sun (with sunscreen on of course), as much as possible.

Also, if you saw my last post about my standing desk at work--I am still loving it and find myself having to sit more than I'd like to because of certain summer projects. I have been tracking my steps with my pedometer (someday I'll upgrade to a FitBit) and finding that I move a lot more throughout the day now that I stand more. I keep finding myself well over or close to 10,000 steps, so that's encouraging!

Oh and I have to thank my genius husband for fixing our air conditioner! It broke earlier this week and because he is resourceful and the type that isn't scared to try to fix anything around our house, he fixed it by replacing a part. He was motivated by the fact that he can't sleep at night if the house is above 70 degrees. Thank god we have had some cooler nights lately!

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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