Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oak Leaf Trail and Estabrook Park Beer Garden

Yesterday, Craig and I biked 12 miles on the Oak Leaf Trail. We are completing different sections of the trail each summer, biking about 6-7 miles one way and then turning back around to get back to our car. Eventually, we will have biked the whole 114 mile trail.

We started out at Lincoln Park, just south of Silver Spring Drive and went through Estabrook Park.

We loved the trail through Estabrook and south of Capitol Drive. We passed the Urban Ecology Center, so I showed Craig that since he hadn't been there before. I loved checking out their lovely gardens! Finally, we ended up at the McKinley Marina, which is where we will start biking at next time we venture out on the trail.

On the way back, we stopped at the Estabrook Beer Garden, which is part of why I was very excited for this route.

There was a pretty "oberlook" right next to the beer garden and a cool walking trail followed the river.

The garden opened at noon, which is why we went there on our way back.

They serve Hofbrau beer, which I just had in Munich!

The signs were in German too, of course!

I took this picture for my friend Laurie, who is currently living in Munich!

We got a giant pretzel and Craig got a bratwurst! We overheard a staff member saying that they import the pretzels from Germany.

I can't wait to go back there sometime and enjoy a beer! I'll have to take my mom, since she loves dark beer.

Back in our neighborhood, we stopped at the new frozen yogurt shop on the corner. I had to try their Sea Salt Pretzel flavor. I guess I never get sick of pretzels. I am a true German girl.

I combined that flavor with birthday cake and topped it with some reese's peanut butter cups, brownie bites, and chocolate chip cookie dough bites.

It's a cute place and I might return there to enjoy a panini or Alterra coffee.

What a great way to spend a gorgeous summer day off of work!


  1. Great pics and that pretzel looks delicious!!

  2. So how was the sea salt pretzel ice cream? I love those kind of ice cream shops so you don't have to lock yourself into one flavor. Nice goal on the bike ride too!

  3. Hey Lisa! Just found your blog--I'm a fellow Wisco blogger ( After reading this post, I IMMEDIATELY messaged my husband about Estabrook--it looks right up our alley! We're really into German beer and heritage as well. Looks so cool, thanks for sharing all the pics! :)